suomi-englanti sanakirja

bye englannista suomeksi

  1. hei hei, hei, hei sitten

  2. luovutusvoitto

  1. hei hei, heippa, moikka, moi moi, hei

  2. Substantiivi

bye englanniksi

  1. The position of a person or team in a tournament or competition who draws no opponent in a particular round so advances to the next round unopposed, or is awarded points for a win in a table; also the phantom opponent of such a person or team.

  2. (quote-book)

  3. ''Craig's Crew plays the bye next week.''

  4. An extra scored when the batsmen take runs after the ball has passed the striker without hitting either the bat or the batsman.

  5. A thing not directly aimed at; a secondary or subsidiary object, course, path, undertaking, issue, etc.

  6. (RQ:Fuller Church Histor)

  7. The Synod of Dort in some points condemneth, upon the by, even the discipline of the Church of England.
  8. (seeMoreCites)

  9. An unspecified way or place.

  10. A pass.

  11. Out of the way; remote.

  12. Secondary; supplementary.

  13. Goodbye.

  14. A male person.

  15. (quote-journal)

  16. (obsolete spelling of)

  17. (monikko) af|by

  18. bye

  19. ''Allez bye ! À la revoyure.''

  20. (l), goodbye

  21. A ring or torque; a bracelet.

  22. 1485, Sir Thomas Malory, ''Le Morte Darthur'', Book VII:

  23. And Kynge Arthure gaff hir a ryche bye of golde; and so she departed.
  24. (nb-former)

  25. (rfdef)

  26. boy