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axe englannista suomeksi

  1. hakata kirveellä

  2. kirves

  3. karsia, vähentää, lakkauttaa

  1. kirves

  2. tappara, kirves

  3. potku / potkut, kenkä / kenkää from work; rukkanen / rukkaset in love

  4. myynti-intressi interest to sell; ostointressi interest to buy

  5. Substantiivi

axe englanniksi

  1. A tool for felling trees or chopping wood etc. consisting of a heavy head flattened to a blade on one side, and a handle attached to it.

  2. An ancient weapon consisting of a head that has one or two blades and a long handle.

  3. A dismissal or rejection.

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  6. A gigging musician's particular instrument, especially a guitar in rock music or a saxophone in jazz.

  7. A position, interest, or reason in buying and selling stock, often with ulterior motives.

  8. To fell or chop with an axe.

  9. To off, terminate or drastically reduce, especially in a rough or ruthless manner; to cancel.

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  12. The axle of a wheel.

  13. To furnish with an axle.

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  17. axis

  18. axle

  19. ache

  20. affront

  21. An (l), a line|straight line that crosses the center of a body and around which it turns.

  22. An (l), a bar connecting parallel wheels of a kart, wagon, etc.

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  25. An ask or demand.

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