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demand englannista suomeksi

  1. vaatimus

  2. vaatiminen

  3. tarve

  4. vaatia

  5. haastaa

  6. kysyä

  7. kysyntä

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kysyntä, menekki

  3. kysyntä

  4. vaatimus

  5. tarve, vaatimus

  6. huipputeho, kulutushuippu

  7. Verbi

  8. vaatia, tivata, tiukata, penätä

  9. vaatia

  10. vaatia, edellyttää

  11. haastaa

demand englanniksi

  1. The desire to purchase goods and services.

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  4. The amount of a good or service that consumers are willing to buy at a particular price.

  5. A forceful claim for something.

  6. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity). Our table in the dining-room became again the abode of scintillating wit and caustic repartee, Farrar bracing up to his old standard, and the demand for seats in the vicinity rose to an animated competition.

  7. A requirement.

  8. An urgent request.

  9. An order.

  10. More precisely peak demand or peak load, a measure of the maximum power load of a utility's customer over a short period of time; the power load integrated over a specified time interval.

  11. To request forcefully.

  12. To claim a right to something.

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  14. To ask forcefully for information.

  15. To require of someone.

  16. To issue a summons to court.