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wagon englannista suomeksi

  1. kärry, rattaat

  2. farmariauto

  3. kärryt, vankkurit, vaunu

  4. poliisien pakettiauto, mustamaija

  1. Substantiivi

  2. vaunu, vankkuri

  3. kärry

  4. Verbi

wagon englanniksi

  1. Wagon

  1. A four-wheeled cart for hauling loads. (defdate)

  2. (quote-journal) to the States Secretary of War|Secretary of War, for the Year Ending June 30, 1865|location=Washington, D.C.|publisher=States Government Publishing Office|Government Printing Office|date=28 June 1864|year_published=1865|section=paragraph 6|page=189|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=PhNAAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA189|oclc=268799849|passage=These wagons and pack-mules will include transportation for all personal baggage, mess chests, cooking utensils, desks, papers, &c.

  3. (quote-journal)|month=February|year=1922|volume=XLV, part 4|section=chapter II|page=262|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=IsPnAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA262|column=1|oclc=870086995|passage=The first waggon was loaded, and moved a few yards along the quay, and the second took its place. There was an order and swiftness over the work that told of a careful preparation. The third waggon took the place of the second and the work of loading it went even faster. Then, at a shout from the Grocer, the loaders threw off their slings, took every man of them a cudgel from beneath his smock, and formed themselves as a guard about the waggons that went away quickly along the quay on their way inland.

  4. (quote-book)|year2=2012|isbn2=978-0-547-95201-7|passage=It was five miles or more from Maggot's lane to the Ferry. The hobbits wrapped themselves up, but their ears were strained for any sound above the creak of the wheels and the slow ''clop'' of the ponies' hoofs. The waggon seemed slower than a snail to Frodo.

  5. (quote-book) and Kegan Paul|Kegan Paul|year=1967|isbn=978-0-7100-4566-9|newversion=reprinted as|location2=Abingdon, Oxon.|publisher2=(w)|year2=2007|page2=9|pageurl2=https://books.google.com/books?id=V9J2GzPykg4C&pg=PA9|isbn2=978-0-415-41297-1|passage=On the sixteenth-century farm all the heavy hauling of lime or marl for the fields, gravel for the lanes, timber for the fences and 'coals or other necessary fuel fetched far off' had to be done as far as possible in the summer while the roads were still dry and firm. (..) About the end of October the prudent farmer, like Best of Elmswell near Driffield, laid up his waggon, and sent his corn to market during the winter months on a string of eight pack-horses, tied head to tail, with a couple of men to 'guide the pokes'.

  6. A four-wheeled child's riding toy, pulled or steered by a long handle attached to the front.

  7. (quote-book)|year=2017|isbn=978-1-5018-5642-6|passage=(..) Debra Van Ausdale transcribes an exchange among two white girls (both aged four) and one Asian girl (age three) who are playing with a wagon. One of the white girls is pulling the other children. When the wagon gets stuck the Asian girl jumps out to help pull. The white girl responds, "No, no. You can't pull this wagon. Only white Americans can pull this wagon." (..) Here, a four-year-old is using a construction that joins race and perceptions of citizenship to exclude in her play.

  8. (quote-book)|year=2015|page=5|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=DeokBwAAQBAJ&pg=PA5|isbn=978-1-4214-1650-2|passage=In all placs and ages children have played with things, some found by children, some fabricated by them, and some provided by parents or other adults. Today these might include a just-emptied rolled-oats carton salvaged from the kitchen, a knocked together wooden wagon set on cast-off baby buggy wheels, or a gaudy heavy plastic gm set of Chinese manufacture.

  9. An enclosed vehicle for carrying goods or people; a lorry, a truck.

  10. (quote-song)

  11. An enclosed vehicle used as a movable dwelling; a caravan.

  12. (quote-book) At long last, the wagon train had reached the final leg of what had turned out to be an arduous, five-month trek acros the Oregon Trail.

  13. (short for)

  14. (quote-book)|year=1989|year_published=1991 (paperback reprint)|page=244|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=j38pCZhXKQ8C&pg=PA244|isbn=978-0-88738-246-8|passage=With the important exception of religious myths, the hybridized and grafted Marxist myths are like whole-dessert wagons with almost everybody's favorite sweets—all of them with no calories (costs) and chock-full of nutrients (benefits) guaranteeing everything good for almost everyone, except the few rich; yet all of them also are enflamed by fears and hatreds of the mythical Satans conspiring to steal the dessert wagon and immiserate all the rest of us.

  15. (quote-book)

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  17. (quote-book)|year=2009|pages=66–67|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=iU-MAAAAQBAJ&pg=PA66|isbn=978-1-4415-4400-1|passage=I changed into civies and took the two prisoners along with their fingerprints in a patrol wagon along with PTL. Howell of the Sixty-First and a Sixtieth Precinct officer. (..) Sometime during the trip, in the confines of the Sixty-Sixth Precinct, a driver started beeping her horn, saying someone had jumped out of the back of the PW. The wagon driver stopped, I ran to the back and saw that my two prisoners were not in the patrol wagon.

  18. A car on a railway.

  19. (synonyms)

  20. (quote-book)|year=1846|page=6|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=OpRWAAAAcAAJ&pg=PA6|oclc=44820189|passage=Various methods have been suggested for effecting this transfer by a bodily removal of whole wagons; either by lifting the bodies from one set of wheels to another, or transferring the wagons, wheels and all, to some kind of truck; but practically these projects wholly fail. (..) It is calculated that to bring a train of fifty wagons under the machine, one by one, a horse would have to traverse five miles and a half.

  21. (quote-journal)|date=21 June 1918|volume=CXXV|issue=3260|page=546|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=7iqkayK_w_oC&pg=PA546|column=2|issn=0013-7758|oclc=883250291|passage=The total weight of goods and minerals loaded into wagons on the railways of the United Kingdom during the year 1913, the last complete period of working under normal conditions before the outbreak of war, was 372,037,000 tons, of which 299,129,000 tons, or 80.41 per cent., consisting of coal and minerals.

  22. (short for); a utility vehicle (SUV); any car.

  23. (quote-book)|year2=2017|isbn2=978-1-4555-4640-4|passage=The woman had been photographed in the driver's seat of a late-model Jeep wagon; walking across what appeared to be a large parking lot; inside her kitchen and her bedroom, blissfully unaware that her privacy was being invaded by binoculars and telephoto lenses in the hands of a slob like Thigpen.

  24. A woman of loose morals, a promiscuous woman, a slapper; a woman regarded as obnoxious; a bitch, a cow.

  25. (quote-book) I was in a field last week with Ursula Brogan behind the football pitch. We followed Cissy Caffery there and two boys from the secondary. She’s a wagon. She did it with them one after the other, and we watched.

  26. (quote-book)|year2=1992|pages2=30–31|isbn2=978-0-14-017167-9|passage=—Don’t know. —She hates us. It’s prob’ly cos Daddy called her a wagon at tha’ meetin’. / Sharon laughed. She got out of bed. / —He didn’t really call Miss O’Keefe a wagon, she told Tracy. —He was only messin’ with yeh.

  27. A kind of prefix used in Bruijn notation.

  28. Buttocks.

  29. To load into a wagon in preparation for transportation; to transport by means of a wagon.

  30. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=Printed for (w),(nb...)|year=1781–1782|year_published=1787|page=39|pageurl=https://archive.org/details/notesonstateofvi1787jeff/page/39/mode/1up|oclc=973231289|passage=The ore is firſt waggoned to the river, a quarter of a mile, then laden on board of canoes, and carried acroſs the river, which is there about 200 yards wide, and then again taken into waggons and carried to he furnace.

  31. (quote-journal)|location=Indianapolis, Ind.|publisher=J. Livingston, printers|date=14 January 1840|year_published=1839–1840|page=746|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=zyBFAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA746|oclc=749434003|passage=In compliance with the positive injunction of the 4th section of the internal improvement act of 1836, which expressly declares that the canal shall be constructed and completed "to the Ohio river at Lawrenceburgh," and to exempt the opening trade from the expense and delay of wagoning to and from the river, as stated in the report of the board, the necessary steps were taken to connect the trade of the canal with the navigation of the river.

  32. (quote-book)|year=1998|page=43|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=K4p2zcXFB0AC&pg=PA43|isbn=978-0-292-77725-5|passage=Around 1903, smallpox and typhoid became so bad at the new Kirby mill town of Silsbee that the company doctor ordered wives to keep their children inside, lest they be infected by germs shaken from the pine coffins of disease victims wagoned through town on their way to the cemetery.

  33. To travel in a wagon.

  34. (topics) A train car, a (l) (gloss).

  35. a carriage (note that the word ''voiture'' is preferred for passenger transport)

  36. car (a railway carriage, a nonpowered unit in a railroad train).

  37. (ja-romanization of)

  38. to sway

  39. car (a railway carriage, a nonpowered unit in a railroad train)

  40. truckload