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chop englannista suomeksi

  1. aallokko, ristiaallokko

  2. halkoa, silpoa, pilkkoa

  3. chop

  4. iskeä

  5. leukapieli

  6. liikahtaa

  7. iskulyönti

  8. lyödä maahan

  9. hakata

  10. kyljys

  1. kyljys

  2. isku

  3. aallokko

  4. potkut (monikko)

  5. hakata, pilkkoa

  6. hakata (irti)">hakata (irti)

  7. Substantiivi

  8. Verbi

chop englanniksi

  1. (senseid) A cut of meat, often containing a section of a rib.

  2. (ux)

  3. (quote-book)

  4. 1957, D. Salinger|J. D. Salinger, "Zooey", in, 1961, ''and Zooey|Franny and Zooey'':

  5. I was standing at the meat counter, waiting for some rib lamb chops to be cut.
  6. A blow with an axe, cleaver, or similar utensil.

  7. A blow delivered with the hand rigid and outstretched.

  8. Ocean waves, generally caused by wind, distinguished from swell by being smaller and not lasting as long.

  9. A hand where two or more players have an equal-valued hand, resulting in the chips being shared equally between them.

  10. Termination, especially from employment; the sack.

  11. A woodchopping competition.

  12. (quote-journal)

  13. A crack or cleft; a chap.

  14. To cut into pieces with short, vigorous cutting motions.

  15. ''chop wood''; ''chop an onion''

  16. To sever with an axe or similar implement.

  17. ''Chop off his head.''

  18. to give a downward cutting blow or movement, typically with the side of the hand.

  19. To hit the ball downward so that it takes a high bounce.

  20. To divide the pot (or tournament prize) between two or more players. (rfex)

  21. To make a quick, heavy stroke or a series of strokes, with or as with an ax.

  22. To do something suddenly with an unexpected motion; to catch or attempt to seize.

  23. (RQ:L'Estrange Fables of Aesop)

  24. To interrupt; with ''in'' or ''out''.

  25. 1550, (w), ''Sermon Preached before King Edward''

  26. This fellow (..)interrupted the sermon, even suddenly chopping in.
  27. To stab.

  28. To remove the final character from (a text string).

  29. (cot)

  30. To exchange, to barter; to swap.

  31. 1644, (w), ''Areopagitica'':

  32. this is not to put down Prelaty, this is but to chop an Episcopacy; this is but to translate the Palace ''Metropolitan'' from one kind of dominion into another, this is but an old canonicall sleight of ''commuting'' our penance.
  33. To chap or crack.

  34. To vary or shift suddenly.

  35. ''The wind chops about.''

  36. To twist words.

  37. (RQ:Bacon Essayes)

  38. To converse, discuss, or speak with another.

  39. A turn of fortune; change; a vicissitude.

  40. A jaw of an animal.

  41. A movable jaw or cheek, as of a vice.

  42. (senseid) The land at each side of the mouth of a river, harbour, or channel.

  43. ''East Chop; West Chop''

  44. (senseid) An official stamp or seal, as in China and India.

  45. A mark indicating nature, quality, or brand.

  46. ''silk of the first chop''

  47. A license or passport that has been sealed.

  48. A complete shipment.

  49. ''a chop of tea''

  50. To seal a license or passport.

  51. An IRC channel operator.

  52. 1996, Peter Ludlow, ''High Noon on the Electronic Frontier'' (page 404)

  53. IRC supports mechanisms for the enforcement of acceptable behaviour on IRC. Channel operators — "chanops" or "chops" — have access to the /kick command, which throws a specified user out of the given channel.
  54. (l) (gl) (zh-mw)

  55. {{zh-x|郵 ch{}op{p1}|postal seal|C

  56. to stamp; to seal

  57. eat

  58. spend

  59. man, male