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jako englanniksi

  1. divide

  2. distribution

  3. division

  4. deal

  5. African gray

  6. partition

  7. allotment, apportionment

  1. An (vern), ''erithacus'', commonly kept as a cage bird.

  2. (quote-book)

  3. 1882, Rev. P. B. Power, ''The Home Visitor and District Companion''

  4. Very little is known of these birds in their wild state, although they are brought to Europe in far greater numbers than any other species. We learn from Henglin that the habitat of the Jako extends from the western coast of Africa deep into the heart of that continent (..)
  5. 1908, Chandler Belden Beach, ''The Students' Reference Work''

  6. The Jako, or gray parrot of Africa, has the capacity for speaking best developed, and the yellow-headed green parrot of Mexico stands second in the list.
  7. as

  8. like

  9. jacket, coat

  10. division, distribution, sharing, dealing (gloss)

  11. share, part

  12. pitch (gloss)

  13. (l) (gloss)

  14. deal

  15. (ja-romanization of)

  16. (vern) ((taxlink))

  17. (synonyms)

  18. very, much, really

  19. (uxi)

  20. seriously, gravely, deeply

  21. hard, severely, strongly, forcefully (with a great deal of effort or force)