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chance englannista suomeksi

  1. sattuma

  2. riskeerata

  3. sauma, mahdollisuus

  4. sattua

  5. kohdata sattumalta, löytää sattumalta

  6. sattumalta

  7. riski

  8. todennäköisyys

  1. mahdollisuus

  2. sattuma

  3. mahdollisuus, todennäköisyys

  4. ottaa riski">ottaa riski

  5. löytää sattumalta">löytää sattumalta, kohdata sattumalta">kohdata sattumalta, tavata sattumalta">tavata sattumalta

  6. Substantiivi

chance englanniksi

  1. An opportunity or possibility.

  2. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity)

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  5. Random occurrence; luck.

  6. The probability of something happening.

  7. What befalls or happens to a person; their lot or fate.

  8. (quote-book)

  9. Happening by chance, casual.

  10. (RQ:Dickens Tale of Two Cities)

  11. Perchance; perhaps.

  12. To happen by chance, to occur.

  13. (RQ:KJV)

  14. (RQ:Carlyle Past and Present) it chanced that Geoffrey Riddell (w), a Prelate rather troublesome to (w), made a request of him for timber from his woods towards certain edifices going on at (w).

  15. (RQ:Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre)

  16. To befall; to happen to.

  17. (quote-book) while the King and Godwine sate at the table, accompanied with others of the nobilitie, it chanced the cupbearer (as he brought wine to the bourd) to slip with the one foote, and yet by good strength of his other leg, to recover himselfe without falling (..)

  18. To try or risk.

  19. 1890, (w), ''A Hazard of New Fortunes''

  20. He does chance it in stocks, but he's always played on the square, if you call stocks gambling.
  21. To discover something by chance.

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  23. To rob, cheat or swindle someone.

  24. (quote-web)

  25. A chance

  26. chance

  27. luck

  28. chance (possibility of a certain outcome)

  29. chance; fate

  30. a throw of a die

  31. probability

  32. (l), opportunity

  33. (syn)

  34. maybe, perchance, perhaps or possibly