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hay englannista suomeksi

  1. tehdä heinää

  2. heinä

  1. heinä

  2. tehdä heinää">tehdä heinää

  3. Verbi

hay englanniksi

  1. Grass cut and dried for use as animal fodder.

  2. (RQ:Camden Remaine)

  3. Make hay while sunne shines.
  4. 1857, (w), ''Grasses and Forage Plants: A Practical Treatise''(..)

  5. Hay may be dried too much as well as too little.
  6. Any mix of green leafy plants used for fodder.

  7. Cannabis; marijuana.

  8. 1947, William Burroughs, letter, 19 Feb 1947:

  9. I would like some of that hay. Enclose $20.
  10. A net set around the haunt of an animal, especially a rabbit.

  11. To cut grasses or herb plants for use as animal fodder.

  12. To lay snares for rabbits.

  13. A hedge.

  14. A net placed around the lair or burrow of an animal.

  15. An enclosure, haw.

  16. A circular dance.

  17. (RQ:Marlowe Edward 2)

  18. (RQ:Shakespeare Love's Labour's Lost)

  19. The letter for the ''h'' sound in shorthand.

  20. to know

  21. truly!, indeed!

  22. possible

  23. known

  24. burning

  25. exposed, bare

  26. an insect which damages rice crops

  27. (alt form)

  28. (inflection of)

  29. to hold

  30. (es-verb form of), is, are

  31. (ux)

  32. (n-g): sigh

  33. act of frighting or startling a dog

  34. high on drugs; drugged

  35. (syn)

  36. to know; to get to know; to learn

  37. (quote-journal)

  38. Hồi mẹ nó ẵm về nước, bà nội nó nói mua cho cái vé khứ hồi, tới hồi ra sân bay về lại Hàn Quốc thì mới hay cái vé đi có một chiều.
    : When his mother carried him in her arms back to Vietnam, his paternal grandmother said they had bought a return ticket for her, but she realised it was only a one-way ticket when she was at the airport, trying to return to Korea.
  39. to have a habit of (doing something)

  40. good, as in useful, inventive, interesting or entertaining; compare (m)

  41. (ant)


  42. well

  43. or

  44. go, us go

  45. (quote-book)