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rabbit englannista suomeksi

  1. kaniturkis, kani

  2. olla kanijahdissa, pyydystää kaniineja

  3. jänis

  1. kaniini, kani

  2. kaniturkis, kani

  3. jänis

  4. olla kanijahdissa">olla kanijahdissa

  5. pälättää, pälpättää

  6. Substantiivi

rabbit englanniksi

  1. A mammal of the family Leporidae, with long ears, long legs and a short, fluffy tail.

  2. (ux)

  3. (RQ:Jefferies Amateur Poacher)

  4. The meat from this animal.

  5. The fur of a rabbit typically used to imitate another animal's fur.

  6. A runner in a distance race whose goal is mainly to set the pace, either to tire a specific rival so that a teammate can win or to help another break a record; a pacesetter.

  7. A very poor batsman; selected as a bowler or wicket-keeper.

  8. A large element at the beginning of a list of items to be sorted, and thus tending to be quickly swapped into its correct position. Compare (m).

  9. Rarebit; rarebit|Welsh rabbit or a similar dish: melted cheese served atop toast.

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  11. The cheese mixture may be served with toast on the side or poured on top of toast and grilled until golden brown and bubbling. Other variations include Buck rabbit, a Welsh rabbit with a poached egg on top, and Yorkshire rabbit with bacon  ...
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  15. Hannah Glasse offered recipes for Scotch, Welsh, and English rabbit. This is her Scotch rabbit: Toast a piece of bread very nicely (..) Cut a slice of cheese, (..)
  16. A pneumatically-controlled tool used to insert small samples of material inside the core of a reactor.

  17. 2012, Joseph Cerny, ''Nuclear Spectroscopy and Reactions 40-A'' (part 1, page 249)

  18. This rabbit is constructed such that only that fraction of the beam that passes through the 15g-in. diameter target container reaches the Faraday cup behind the rabbit.
  19. To hunt rabbits.

  20. To flee.

  21. To talk incessantly and in a childish manner; to babble annoyingly.

  22. (synonyms)

    ''Stop your infernal rabbiting! Use proper words or nobody will listen to you!''

  23. Confound; damn; drat.

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