suomi-englanti sanakirja

hind englannista suomeksi

  1. hirvilehmä, naarashirvi

  2. taka-

  3. saksanhirvinaaras

  1. taka-

  2. saksanhirvi / saksanhirvinaaras

  3. Substantiivi

hind englanniksi

  1. Located at the rear (most often said of animals' body parts).

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  4. Backward; to the rear.

  5. A female deer, especially a deer at least two years old.

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  7. (quote-book)|tlr=(w)|title=Tales translated from the Persian of Inatulla of Delhi|volume=I|publisher=P. and W. Wilson et al.|location=Dublin|page=v|text=The ſpring diſplaying her elegant taſte, the proud walk of the gold-feathered pheaſant, the light tread of the ſmall-hoofed hind, and the dancing of the ſtar-trained peacock, infuſed joy into the ſoul of the ſpectator of the aſtoniſhing works of the Creator.

  8. A spotted fish of the genus (taxfmt).

  9. A servant, especially an agricultural labourer.

  10. (RQ:Montaigne Florio Essayes) writ vnto the common-wealth, that a hynde, or plough-boy whom he had left alone to over-ſee and husband his land (which in all was but ſeaven acres of ground) was run away from his charge(nb..).

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  12. {{quote-text|en|year=1931|author=Pearl S. Buck|title=The Good Earth

  13. (seemoreCites)

  14. Indian (gloss)

  15. (syn)

  16. Hindi

  17. (coi)

  18. Indian (gloss)

  19. (l) (female deer)

  20. price

  21. membrane

  22. hind (female deer)

  23. female deer, (l)

  24. (l)

  25. A skilled labourer on a farm, especially a ploughman. In Southern Scotland, specifically a married skilled farmworker given housing in a cottage and often given special privileges in addition to his wages. Occasionally a derogatory term.

  26. a doe, a (l); the female of deer

  27. ''skygg som en hind''

    shy as a doe