suomi-englanti sanakirja

qua englanniksi

  1. as; in the capacity of

  2. (quote-book)

  3. 1954: Ryle|Gilbert Ryle, ''Dilemmas: The Tarner Lectures, 1953'', dilemma vii: Perception, page 99 (The Syndics of the Cambridge University Press)

  4. As anatomy, physiology and, later, psychology have developed into more or less well-organized sciences, they have necessarily and rightly come to incorporate the study of, among other things, the structures, mechanisms, and functionings of animal and human bodies ''qua'' percipient.
  5. 1962: Malcolm|Norman Malcolm; ''Dreaming''; chapter nine: “Judgments in Sleep”, page 39{1}; chapter twelve: “The Concept of Dreaming”, page 68{2} (1977 paperback reprint; Routledge & Kegan Paul; ISBN 0‒7100‒3836‒4 (c), 0‒7100‒8434‒X (p))

  6. {1} For sleep ''qua'' sleep has no experiential content: it cannot turn out, as remarked before, that a man was not asleep because he was ''not'' having some experience or other.
    {2} I am denying that a dream ''qua'' dream is a seeming, appearance or ‘semblance of reality’.
  7. 2003: Roy Porter, ''Flesh in the Age of Reason'', page 458 (Penguin, 2004)

  8. It was qua poet that Byron resurrected the exploded and discarded immortal Christian soul by bodying it forth through the notion of soul conceived as poetic imagination.
  9. 2005: Ulfelder, Jay.Collective Action and the Breakdown of Authoritarian Regimes. International Political Science Review, 26(3), p318. Retrieved 1615 240810 from http://www.jstor.org/stable/pdfplus/30039035.pdf?acceptTC=true.

  10. "In essence, military regimes are autocracies in which the military ''qua'' organization performs many of the functions performed by the ruling party in single-party regimes."
  11. 2009: Ken Levy, http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1404387 ''Killing, Letting Die, and the Case for Mildly Punishing Bad Samaritanism'', Georgia Law Review, p. 24.

  12. Blame ''qua'' attitude is the feeling or belief that an individual has committed a wrongdoing, usually a wrongful action and/or harm, and can be reasonably expected not to have committed this wrongdoing. Blame qua practice is the public expression of this attitude – usually by means of censure (written or verbal criticism) or punishment. Generally, the morally worse the wrongdoing, the more severe the censure/punishment.
  13. (quote-journal)

  14. (n-g)

  15. 1909, ''The Country Gentleman'' (volume 74, page 266)

  16. Crows have a language of their own in a wild state that any observant person can learn. (..) Then he would straighten his head back and, with the most comical bowing and wagging, say: "Qua qua qua, qua qua qua" for perhaps a minute.
  17. (alternative spelling of)

  18. as, qua (gloss)

  19. (qualifier) virtue of (gloss)

  20. regarding, concerning, terms of

  21. (ux)

  22. by

  23. (syn)


  24. which

  25. who

  26. (ux) (qualifier)

  27. what

  28. here

  29. On which side, at or in which place, in what direction, where, by what way (qua...ea...)

  30. as; in the capacity or character of

  31. In so far as

  32. In what way, how, by what method; to what degree or extent

  33. , (l), (l), (l) anyway, anyhow, in any way

  34. (inflection of)

  35. (tlb) (alt form)

  36. (form of)

  37. (l); as, in capacity of

  38. (obsolete spelling of)

  39. lemon

  40. squash

  41. pillar

  42. through, across (gloss)

  43. way of

  44. means of, by, over, using

  45. (l) (gloss)

  46. (ux) (folk poetry)

  47. to have transpire, to place

  48. to go over to; to time at

  49. to survive

  50. to escape, to elude

  51. to cross (gloss); to traverse

  52. to go to the front of

  53. to overcome

  54. to drift past; to elapse

  55. across (gloss), through

  56. passing

  57. cursorily, superficially

  58. completely

  59. I; me

  60. (sino-vietnamese reading of)