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lemon englannista suomeksi

  1. maanantaikappale, susikappale, susi

  2. sitruunankeltainen

  3. sitruuna

  4. kirpeys

  5. sitruunapuu

  1. Substantiivi

  2. sitruuna

  3. sitruunapuu

  4. susi, maanantaikappale

  5. sitruunankeltainen

  6. sitruuna, sitruunan maku">sitruunan maku

  7. sitruunan makuinen">sitruunan makuinen, prefix in a compound sitruuna-

  8. sitruunankeltainen, sitruunan värinen">sitruunan värinen

  9. Verbi

lemon englanniksi

  1. A yellowish citrus fruit.

  2. A semitropical evergreen tree, ''limon'', that bears such fruits.

  3. A taste or flavour/flavor of lemons.

  4. A more or less bright shade of yellow associated with lemon fruits.

  5. (color panel)

  6. A defective or inadequate item or individual.

  7. ''He didn’t realise until he’d paid for it that the car was a lemon.''

  8. (quote-book)the Navy's supposed to give me a ship that goes, and a captain that fights—— That's what all this muck is for, isn't it?” “Look, it's an old story by now. We're stuck with a lemon. Misfortune of war.(..)

  9. Favor.

  10. ''A thousand quid for that motor? Do me a lemon! I could get it for half that.''

  11. A piece of fanfiction involving explicit sex.

  12. (quote-newsgroup)

  13. (quote-newsgroup)|url=https://groups.google.com/forum/!original/rec.arts.anime.creative/GUzvPm57pMQ/JuhoMRQDJ2cJ|newsgroup=rec.arts.anime.creative |passage=WARNING: This story is a lemon and must be viewed with great care. If you are either under the age of 18, think graphic sex is discussing(si) or you know what my writing is like you should turn away now.

  14. Containing or having the flavour/flavor and/or scent of lemons.

  15. Of the pale yellow colour/color of lemons.

  16. Smart; cheeky, vocal.

  17. 2009, (w), ‘Why I love paying tax’, ''The Times'', 12 Oct 2009:

  18. Obviously Emin is not the first public figure to get lemon over tax increases.
  19. To flavour with lemon.

  20. ''You can start the vegetables cooking while you are lemoning the fish.''

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  22. lemon

  23. lemon.