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defective englannista suomeksi

  1. virheellinen, huono, puutteellinen, viallinen

  2. vajava

  1. puutteellinen, vajaa, vajavainen, viallinen, rikkinäinen

  2. Substantiivi

defective englanniksi

  1. Having one or more defects.

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  4. Lacking some forms; e.g., having only one tense or being usable only in the person.

  5. Having a root whose final consonant is weak (ي, و, or ء).

  6. Spelled without ''lectionis|matres lectionis'', for example (m) as opposed to the ''plene'' spelling (m) where the letter vav ⟨ו⟩ indicates the vowel ''o''.

  7. A person or thing considered to be defective.

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