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cheeky englannista suomeksi

  1. rääväsuinen, hävytön

  1. röyhkeä, rääväsuinen, näsäviisas

cheeky englanniksi

  1. Impudent; impertinent; impertinently bold, often in a way that is regarded as endearing or amusing.

  2. (RQ:Kipling Stalky)

  3. (quote-text)|title=The Swoop! or How Clarence Saved England|chapter=7|passage=The Young Turks, as might have been expected, wrote in their customary flippant, cheeky style.

  4. (of swimwear, underwear, etc.) tending to reveal the cheeks of the buttocks.

  5. (quote-text)|title=Queenslanders|page=159|passage=Barry said he introduced the cheeky bikini to the Coast three years ago: "I took a theatrical garment worn for as long as there have been strippers and showgirls — the G-string — and put it on the beach and gave it a name and we sold a heap."

  6. (quote-text)

  7. Poisonous (of animals such as snakes), dangerous, cunning, violent, potent.

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  9. A death adder is cheeky, a tree snake quiet. Wasps are only cheeky if you hold them in your hand.
  10. 1995, Richard Shine, ''Australian Snakes: A Natural History'', Cornell University Press (ISBN), page 176

  11. There is no doubt that many have been killed by large elapids, and that Aborigines treat such &39;cheeky&39; snakes (and colubrids of similar appearance) with great respect.
  12. Indulged in.

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  14. Although sometimes I&39;d award myself a cheeky McDonald&39;s hangover treat if I did well.
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  16. It was a massive struggle to resist the lure of a cheeky beer, but I held firm.
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  18. It transpired that Mrs Egg had been cooking dinner when she discovered Mr Singlet making himself a sandwich. I don't know about you but it does seem a little bit naught after she's gone to all that effort. Naughty yes but hardly a crime and certainly not enough to warrant a 999 call. Yet that's what she had done. That&39;s why we had left our own dinner, charged through rush hour traffic, disrupted commuters on their way home – all for a cheeky sandwich.
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  20. The great thing was it gave him a little bit of freedom and me the chance to sneak a cheeky nap.