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e englannista suomeksi

  1. e

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

e englanniksi

  1. E

  1. The fifth letter of the script|basic modern Latin alphabet.

  2. The base of logarithms, also known as Euler’s number, a transcendental number with a value of approximately 2.718281828459…

  3. Symbol separating mantissa from the exponent in notation.

  4. 1.2566e-6 = 1.2566 × 10-6

  5. close-mid front unrounded vowel

  6. element

  7. ''a'' ∘ ''e'' = ''e'' ∘ ''a'' = ''a''

  8. electron

  9. charge

  10. (Latn-def-lite)

  11. (a) an initial letter ⟨e⟩

  12. (b) the long vowel /iː/ at the end of a word, or before a final consonant that is not ''j, v, z'' (the consonant is not written; ɪə˞ counts as /iːr/)

    (c) the words ''he'', ''me''

  13. to eat

  14. and

  15. also

  16. Third-person singular accusative-case pronominal clitic (gloss)

  17. ''E di. / S'e di.''

    I know it. / I don't know it.

    ''E bleva.''

    I bought it.

  18. (gloss)

  19. ''Besa e shqiptarit nuk shitet pazarit.''

    The honor of an Albanian can not be sold or bought in a bazaar.

  20. adjectival article for:

  21. definite masculine singular adjectives in all accusative case

  22. indefinite feminine singular adjectives in the nominative case

  23. definite plural and feminine singular adjectives in the nominative and accusative cases

  24. a/an

  25. he

  26. but

  27. or

  28. his

  29. in

  30. The script|Latin letter E (lowercase e).

  31. e- (gloss)

  32. to email

  33. the (qualifier)

  34. them (qualifier)

  35. The fifth letter of the Dutch alphabet.

  36. (abbreviation of); or, a.k.a.

  37. (alternative form of)

  38. E (gloss)

  39. (n-g-lite)

  40. with

  41. (ux-lite)

  42. (romanization of)

  43. she, he, it (third-person singular personal pronoun)

  44. her, him, it (third-person singular personal object pronoun)

  45. (n-g-lite); to

  46. by (gloss)

  47. this

  48. (syn-lite)

  49. 1836, Mihály Vörösmarty, ''Szózat''https://mek.oszk.hu/01100/01122/html/vers0302.htm23 ''(Appeal)''http://www.laszlokorossy.net/magyar/szozat.html

  50. A nagy világon e kivűl / Nincsen számodra hely;
    : In the great world outside of here / There is no place for you
    :: ((m-lite) would be (m-lite) in present-day Hungarian, formed from (m-lite).)
  51. look!, hey! (gloss)

  52. (ux-lite) Józsi meg hová tűnt?|Hey! Where is Joe?

  53. (senseid) (Latn-def-lite)

  54. water

  55. (apocopic form of)

  56. somebody, one, they, people (an unspecified individual).

  57. and (gloss)

  58. (quote-text)

  59. 1877, Antonio Ive, ''Canti popolari istriani: raccolti a Rovigno'', volume 5, Ermanno Loescher, page 128:

  60. Caro, cun quil visito bianco e russo.
    : Dear, with that little white and red face.
  61. (Latn-def-lite); e

  62. (ja-romanization of)

  63. there are many, there is much

  64. to be lot (for someone); to displease; to surprise

  65. (ux) mỹ tóg e (l).|t=They were surprised.|lit=it was a lot for them.

  66. fire

  67. A letter of the Latin alphabet.

  68. (n-g-lite)''.

  69. (senseid) of, from

  70. (Q)

  71. (n-g-lite)/(l-lite).

  72. the

  73. (inflection of)

  74. (pinyin reading of)

  75. (nonstandard spelling of)

  76. the fifth letter of the modern alphabet

  77. tasty, delicious

  78. (alt form)

  79. always

  80. The eighth letter of the scriptNavajo alphabet|Navajo alphabet:

  81. e = (IPAchar-lite)

    ę = (IPAchar-lite)

    é = (IPAchar-lite)

    ę́ = (IPAchar-lite)

    ee = (IPAchar-lite)

    ęę = (IPAchar-lite)

    ée = (IPAchar-lite)

    ę́ę = (IPAchar-lite)

    eé = (IPAchar-lite)

    ęę́ = (IPAchar-lite)

    éé = (IPAchar-lite)

    ę́ę́ = (IPAchar-lite)

  82. of (gloss)

  83. The fifth letter of the Norwegian alphabet

  84. ''(non-standard since 1938)'' (alternative form of)

  85. (apocopic form of), (present tense of)

  86. (pronunciation spelling of)

  87. e (gloss)

  88. (roa-opt-cite-cantigas)

  89. Eſta e como ſanta Maria liurou a Abadeſſa prenne q̇ adormecera anto ſeu Altar chorando.
    : This one is about how Holy Mary acquitted the pregnant abbess who had fallen asleep crying in front of her altar.
  90. c. 1200: Almerich, de Ultramar|Fazienda de Ultramar, f. 64v.

  91. e el reẏ con ſana q́ auie mando que mataſen todos los ſabios de babilonna e demandaron a danel e aſos conpaneros por matar
    : And the king, full of anger, ordered all the wise men of Babylon be put to death, and they sought Daniel and his companions to put them to death.
  92. bean.

  93. he, she, third person singular.

  94. the (gloss)

  95. he, she, it, third person pronoun

  96. his, her, hers, its, third person possessive pronoun

  97. what, in response to being called

  98. hey! (gl)

  99. (senseid) and (gloss)

  100. (RQ:mul:Rowling Harry Potter)

  101. (senseid) and (gloss)

  102. and, conjunction

  103. (abbreviation of) (gloss)

  104. (alternative form of)

  105. to exist.

  106. verbal suffix for marking non-past declarative clause.

  107. (alternative form)

  108. (Latn-def-lite)

  109. (q) (n-g-lite)

  110. (infl of)

  111. and

  112. but

  113. by (a person or animate object)

  114. (l-lite)

  115. he, him, it

  116. The 9th letter of the Serbo-Croatian Latin alphabet (gajica), preceded by (l-lite) and followed by (l-lite).

  117. well, now

  118. hey

  119. (n-g-lite)

  120. (qualifier) ''Phonetic transcription of sound ''(IPAlink).

  121. (q) ''Used to express happiness when saying something''

  122. (q) ''Used to express uneasyness''

  123. (q) ''Used to form questions''

  124. (q) ''Used to express indifference to what was said before''

  125. (q) ''Used to express unhappiness''

  126. Name of the letter E

  127. (quote-song)

  128. forever, ever

  129. indicates that an action is unfinished when inserted before the verb

  130. him, her, it (third-person pronoun, objective case, singular)

  131. (n-g-lite); by

  132. (RQ:tkl:TF)

  133. by

  134. to fear; to be apprehensive, to be afraid

  135. to be slightly ashamed

  136. (abbreviation of)

  137. egg

  138. (Latn-def-lite) ''It is preceded by (l-lite) and followed by (l-lite).''

  139. he, him

  140. to fetch

  141. to take

  142. ay

  143. ''e värr å e värr''

    ever worse and worse

  144. (quote-book)

  145. him, her, it (gloss-lite)

  146. yes