suomi-englanti sanakirja

e- englanniksi

  1. (senseid) (a) (non-gloss definition) or (l).

  2. e.g. eluviation, edentulous, elenge


  3. (senseid) In an electronic form, especially computerized and digital; often in association with the Internet.

  4. (cot)

  5. (senseid) For emergency purposes.

  6. (m), (m)

  7. (senseid) Used to prefix product names, to indicate an electrified or all-electric variant of the product, particularly cars.

  8. Used to prefix product names, to indicate a battery-powered or onboard electric power source variant.

  9. Electric.

  10. (collocation)

  11. (senseid) Used to prefix items that are embedded into devices, instead of being discrete or removable elements.

  12. (ngd); she

  13. Third-person singular subject marker for tense modifying adverbs.

  14. one

  15. e- (gloss)

  16. (alternative form of) ((non-gloss definition)-, (m)-, (m)-, (m)-, (m)-, (m)-, (m)-, (m)-, and (m)-initial words).

  17. number prefix for one

  18. (n-g)

  19. (alt form)

  20. (ng)

  21. (prefixusex)

  22. (alternative form of) ''used before M and N''

  23. (alternative form of) (gloss)

  24. prefix that may be used on certain pronouns and adverbs to create "-ever" constructions, most of which are formal or archaic.

  25. electronic; including the hyphen

  26. to give

  27. (ng) pronominal concord

  28. (afex)

  29. they; (ng) subject concord

  30. it; (ng) subject concord

  31. e-

  32. at, on, in; (n-g)

  33. (ngd)

  34. (ngd) when the possessor is person|first- or person|second-person or is indicated by a full noun preceding the possessed noun

  35. (n-g); -er