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con englannista suomeksi

  1. vanki

  2. vastaan

  3. opetella

  4. huijaus, huiputus

  5. huiputtaa, vedättää

  6. vastaväite

  1. haitta, haittapuoli

  2. vanki, rangaistusvanki

  3. huijaus, petos

  4. huijata, vedättää

  5. Substantiivi

con englanniksi

  1. To study or examine carefully, especially in order to gain knowledge of; to learn, or by heart.

  2. 1599, (w), ''Julius Caesar'', Act IV, sc. 3:

  3. For Cassius is aweary of the world;
    Hated by one he loves; braved by his brother;
    Checked like a bondman; all his faults observed,
    Set in a notebook, learned, and conned by rote,
    To cast into my teeth.
  4. 1807, (w), ''Poems'', "Resolution and Independence" (composed 1802):

  5. At length, himself unsettling, he the pond
    Stirred with his staff, and fixedly did look
    Upon the muddy water, which he conned,
    As if he had been reading in a book
  6. 1795 (w), Letter to a Noble Lord on the Attacks Made upon him and his Pension, in the House of Lords, by the Duke of Bedford and the Earl of Lauderdale, Early in the Present Session of Parliament:

  7. I did not come into parliament to con my lesson. I had earned my pension before I set my foot in St. Stephen's chapel.
  8. 1848, (w), ''Vanity Fair'', Chapter 21:

  9. During these delectable entertainments, Miss Wirt and the chaperon sate by, and conned over the peerage, and talked about the nobility.
  10. 1963, D'Arcy Niland, ''Dadda jumped over two elephants: short stories'':

  11. The hawk rested on a crag of the gorge and conned the terrain with a fierce and frowning eye.
  12. To know, understand, acknowledge.

  13. 1579, Spenser|Edmund Spenser, Shepheardes Calender|''Shepheardes Calender'', Iune:

  14. Of Muses Hobbinol, I conne no skill
  15. A disadvantage of something, especially when contrasted with its advantages (''pros'').

  16. ''pros and cons''

  17. conservative

  18. ''own the cons''

  19. A convicted criminal, a convict.

  20. A fraud; something carried out with the intention of deceiving, usually for personal, often illegal, gain.

  21. To trick or defraud, usually for personal gain.

  22. (alt form)

  23. An organized gathering such as a convention, conference or congress.

  24. {{quote-newsgroup

  25. I can't speak for Faye as ed of FHAPA, but it would be really swell of someone could send us a set of Intersection daily newszines, plus any con flyers or other fannish papers that were there to had for the picking up: fannish things, you know, not including media, gaming, filking or costuming, fine fun but not my cup of blog, thank you.
  26. The conversion of part of a building.

  27. ''We're getting a loft con done next year.''

  28. Consumption; tuberculosis.

  29. with

  30. cone

  31. vulva, cunt

  32. (quote-book)

  33. cunt, pussy

  34. arsehole, asshole, fucktard, cunt, retard (gloss)

  35. stupid

  36. and

  37. boulder, specially those found semi-submerged at the seashore

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  39. (inflection of)

  40. with, together

  41. coxed

  42. (l)

  43. (ant)

  44. (infl of)

  45. child

  46. (non-gloss definition)

  47. cunt (gloss)

  48. (alternative form of)

  49. *{{quote-book

  50. on

  51. (ux)

  52. a child (gloss)

  53. (uxi)

  54. *{{quote-book|vi|1983|Homer|Ô-đi-xê|trans-title=The Oddyssey|translator=Phan Thị Miến|text=Tê-lê-mác, con ! Đừng làm rầy mẹ, mẹ còn muốn thử thách cha ở tại nhà này. Thế nào rồi mẹ con cũng sẽ nhận ra, chắc chắn như vậy. Hiện giờ cha còn bẩn thỉu, áo quần rách rưới, nên mẹ con khinh cha, chưa nói : “Đích thị là chàng rồi !”.

  55. a son

  56. (ant)

  57. a small thing

  58. (l)/me, your child

  59. (l)/me, someone a lot younger than you

  60. (l), my child

  61. (l), someone a lot younger than me

  62. (non-gloss definition)

  63. soul