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knowledge englannista suomeksi

  1. tietoisuus

  1. Substantiivi

  2. tieto, tiedot (monikko)

  3. tietoisuus

  4. tieto, taito

  5. tieto

  6. Verbi

knowledge englanniksi

  1. The fact of knowing about something; general understanding or familiarity with a subject, place, situation etc. (defdate)

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  5. Awareness of a particular fact or situation; a state of having been informed or made aware of something. (defdate)

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  7. Intellectual understanding; the state of appreciating truth or information. (defdate)

  8. (RQ:Marlowe Tamburlaine)

  9. Familiarity or understanding of a particular skill, branch of learning etc. (defdate)

  10. Justified true belief

  11. Sexual intimacy or intercourse (now usually in phrase (m)). (defdate)

  12. (quote-book).

  13. Information or intelligence about something; notice. (defdate)

  14. {{quote-book|en|year=1580|author=Edward Hayes|chapter=Sir Humphrey Gilbert's Voyage to Newfoundland|title=Voyages and Travels Ancient and Modern|editor=Charles W Eliot|publisher=Cosimo|year_published=2005|page=280

  15. The total of what is known; all information and products of learning. (defdate)

  16. Something that can be known; a branch of learning; a piece of information; a science. (defdate)

  17. (RQ:Montaigne Florio Essayes), which hang not for their mowing, nor pertaine unto them.

  18. {{RQ:Bacon Learning

  19. Acknowledgement. (defdate)

  20. Notice, awareness. (defdate)

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  22. The deep familiarity with certain routes and places of interest required by taxicab drivers working in London, England.

  23. To confess as true; to acknowledge. (defdate)