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cunt englannista suomeksi

  1. ällötys, kusipää

  2. römpsä, tussu

  1. Substantiivi

  2. vittu

  3. mulkku

cunt englanniksi

  1. The female genitalia, especially the vulva.

  2. 1930, D. H. Lawrence, ''Lady Chatterley's Lover'', Chapter 12 (speaking Midlands vernacular, but both Lawrence and his character know standard English)

  3. An' doesn't ter know? Cunt! It's thee down theer; an' what I get when I'm i'side thee, and what tha gets when I'm i'side thee; it's a' as it is, all on't.
  4. 1983, (w), ''Sebastian'', Faber & Faber 2004 (''Avignon Quintet''), p. 1138:

  5. Ah! This power-house of human misery and ecstasy, the cunt!
  6. (RQ:William Burroughs Naked Lunch)

  7. 2004, Leo Benedictus, "A bit of hanky-panky", ''The Guardian'', 23 Jun 04:

  8. Then there is a drum roll, and I watch open-mouthed as she bends over and produces a string of red cloths from her femininity. "What better way to celebrate 10 years of Camberwell Arts Week than pulling 10 red handkerchiefs out of my cunt?" she asks.
  9. 2014, Behemoth, ''Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel''

  10. I saw the Virgin's cunt spawning forth the snake
  11. An extremely unpleasant or objectionable person (in US, especially a woman; in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand more usually a man).

  12. 2009, Patrick Barkham, "Top Gear: Why We're Mad About the Boys", ''The Guardian'', 12 Nov 09:

  13. He rails against political correctness and health and safety regulations, and earlier this summer was accused of calling Gordon Brown "a cunt" in unbroadcast comments to his Top Gear audience, whom he has also referred to as "oafs".
  14. An objectionable object or item.

  15. ''Fix the car? I’ll sort the cunt out at the weekend.''

  16. An unpleasant or difficult experience or incident.

  17. (RQ:King Mist)

  18. 2016, Rachel Braier, ''The Guardian'', 11 July:

  19. Certain situations just cry out for it – keys breaking in the lock, not being able to find the starting point in a roll of sticky-tape, running out of bin-bags. The kind of everyday annoyances that Alanis Morissette would define as irony are actually cunts as far as I’m concerned.
  20. A woman, women, or bottom (i.e. submissive partner, not the top) as a source of sex.

  21. (ux)

  22. (with words funny, good) A person (mostly between male friends); compare bastard.

  23. (alt form)

  24. known, familiar