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flipper englannista suomeksi

  1. räpylä

  1. Substantiivi

  2. evä

  3. räpylä

  4. maila

  5. kapula

  6. keinottelija

  7. lantinheittäjä">lantinheittäjä flipper of a coin

  8. Verbi

flipper englanniksi

  1. In marine mammals such as whales, a wide flat limb, adapted for swimming.

  2. A flat, wide, paddle-like rubber covering for the foot, used in swimming.

  3. A flat lever in a pinball machine, triggered by the player to strike the ball and keep it in play.

  4. A small flat used to support a larger one.

  5. 1998, Martin Harrison, ''The Language of Theatre'' (page 104)

  6. The flipper is designed to give support by standing at a 90-degree angle to the flat. It probably gets its name from its appearance: cut out like a piece of profile scenery, it resembles the flipper of a marine animal, (..)
  7. 2013, Jonathan Law, ''The Methuen Drama Dictionary of the Theatre''

  8. When standing alone, a flat may have a small extension, a FLIPPER, for added strength.
  9. A type of ball bowled by a spin bowler, which spins backwards and skids off the pitch with a low bounce.

  10. Television control, clicker.

  11. The hand.

  12. A kind of false tooth, usually temporary.

  13. 2005, ''Washington Appellate Reports: Volume 128''

  14. Dr. Woo attempts to distinguish Blakeslee by pointing out that “one can fondle a breast without having anything to do with dentistry, but one cannot take molds, fabricate and insert flippers into another person's mouth without practicing dentistry."
  15. A kitchen spatula.

  16. 2009, Amy J. Yowell, ''The Silent Cry'' (page 161)

  17. Remember the mornings when you help me fix eggs and pancakes for breakfast. You always had to use the “flipper” to turn the pancakes and eggs.
  18. Someone who flips, in the sense of buying a house or other asset and selling it quickly for profit.

  19. Someone who flips in any other sense, for example throwing a coin.

  20. To lift one or both flippers out of the water and slap the surface of the water.

  21. A (l), a (l) (gloss).

  22. (syn)

  23. A (l) (gloss).

  24. A (l), a flipper bumper (gloss).

  25. A machine.

  26. pinball

  27. to out

  28. pinball (game and machine)