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paddle englannista suomeksi

  1. meloa

  2. maila

  3. mela

  4. kahlailla, polskutella

  5. keppi

  6. polskia

  7. piestä, antaa selkään

  8. sekoittaa

  9. siipi

  10. taapertaa

  1. mela

  2. melonta, melontaretki

  3. siipi

  4. siipiratas

  5. kahlailu

  6. lasta

  7. lätkä

  8. maila

  9. evä

  10. luukku

  11. meloa

  12. piestä

  13. kahlailla

  14. Verbi

paddle englanniksi

  1. A two-handed implement consisting of a shaft with one or two blades attached to the end(s) used to propel a canoe, kayak or a small boat. A paddle is unattached to the boat and freely operated with the hands, compared with an oar which is attached to the boat at a pivot point.

  2. A single-bladed version is typically used on canoes and some other small boats.

  3. A double-bladed version with blades at each end of the shaft is used for kayaking.

  4. The use of a paddle to propel a boat; a session of paddling.

  5. (quote-book)

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  7. A slat of a paddleboat's wheel.

  8. A paddlewheel.

  9. A blade of a waterwheel.

  10. A game controller with a round wheel used to control player movement along one axis of the video screen.

  11. A meandering walk or dabble through shallow water, especially at the seaside.

  12. A kitchen utensil shaped like a paddle and used for mixing, beating etc.

  13. A broad, flat spanking implement.

  14. A broad, flat device used in striking the ball, analogous to a racket in tennis.

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  16. A flat board with a number of holes or indentations, used to carry small alcoholic drinks such as shots.

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  18. And it really is a paddle, too, with a blade big enough to hold several sampling glasses of different beers (known for some reason as a 'flight') for customers to try. Beer paddles have become very popular in American craft beer bars: (..)
  19. A flat limb of an aquatic animal, adapted for swimming.

  20. In a sluice, a panel that controls the flow of water.

  21. A handheld electrode used for defibrillation or cardioversion.

  22. A person's hand.

  23. A flap of attached skin that has been cut away from a wound.

  24. (alternative form of)

  25. To propel something through water with a paddle, oar, hands, etc.

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  28. while paddling ducks the standing lake desire
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  30. To row a boat with less than one's full capacity.

  31. To spank with a paddle.

  32. To pat or stroke amorously or gently.

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  34. To tread upon; to trample.

  35. To walk or dabble playfully in shallow water, especially at the seaside.

  36. To toddle.

  37. To toy or caress using hands or fingers.

  38. (verb form of)