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  1. airo

  1. Substantiivi

  2. airo

  3. Verbi

oar englanniksi

  1. A type of lever used to propel a boat, having a flat blade at one end and a handle at the other, and pivoted in a rowlock atop the gunwale, whereby a rower seated in the boat and pulling the handle can pass the blade through the water by repeated strokes against the water's resistance, thus moving the boat.

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  3. An oarsman; a rower.

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  5. An oar-like swimming organ of various invertebrates.

  6. To row; to travel with, or as if with, oars.

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  8. (RQ:Peake Gormenghas)

  9. Turning the long tables upside down — and there were twelve of them — they seated themselves, one behind another, within the upturned table tops as though they were boats and were about to oar their way into some fabulous ocean.
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