suomi-englanti sanakirja

mela englanniksi

  1. sweep oar

  2. boat paddle, paddle

  1. A Hindu religious festival.

  2. A South Asian fair. (defdate)

  3. 2008, (w), ''Sea of Poppies'', Penguin 2015, p. 53:

  4. Kalua was a man of unusual height and powerful build: in any fair, festival or mela, he could always be spotted towering above the crowd—even the jugglers on stilts were usually not so tall as he.
  5. 2011, Deepika Phukan, translating (w), ''The Story of Felanee'':

  6. Every year there was a mela in the small village where Jutimala lived and Khitish would send three workers to set up a stall there.
  7. A melee; a brawl

  8. (inflection of)

  9. paddle (gloss)

  10. dick (gloss)

  11. (romanization of)

  12. apple (fruit)

  13. (syn)

  14. paddle

  15. certainly

  16. thus; so; accordingly

  17. so; okay; right

  18. (ux)

  19. to fill, stuff

  20. to rise, flood

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  22. (pt-verb-form-of)

  23. flour

  24. smitt; smit

  25. to gather nectar to make honey

  26. to sweeten with honey

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  28. to stand for