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boom englannista suomeksi

  1. jyristä

  2. puomi

  3. korkeasuhdanne, nousukausi

  4. kukoistaa, kasvaa

  5. pauhu

  6. lottovoitto

  7. jylistä

  8. jysäyttää

  1. jyrähdellä, jyristä, jyrähtää, jysähdellä, jysähtää, paukahdella, paukkua, paukahtaa

  2. jyristä

  3. paukuttaa, paukauttaa, jyräyttää, jysäyttää

  4. pamaus individual, pauke continuous, pamautus individual, intentionally caused

  5. pum

  6. puomi

  7. korkeasuhdanne, nousukausi, buumi

  8. kukoistaa

  9. Substantiivi

boom englanniksi

  1. To make a loud, hollow, resonant sound.

  2. (ux)

  3. (quote-book)

  4. To exclaim with force, to shout, to thunder.

  5. (RQ:Wodehouse Offing)

  6. Of a bittern, to make its deep, resonant territorial vocalisation.

  7. To make something boom.

  8. To publicly praise.

  9. 1922, Sir (w), ''The Problem of Thor Bridge''

  10. If you pull this off every paper in England and America will be booming you.
  11. To rush with violence and noise, as a ship under a press of sail, before a wind.

  12. 1841, Benjamin Totten, ''Naval Text-book and Dictionary(..)''

  13. She comes booming down before it.
  14. A low-pitched, resonant sound, such as of an explosion.

  15. A rapid expansion or increase.

  16. One of the calls of certain monkeys or birds.

  17. 1990, Mark A. Berkley, William C. Stebbins, ''Comparative Perception''

  18. Interestingly, the blue monkey's boom and pyow calls are both long-distance signals (Brown, 1989), yet the two calls differ in respect to their susceptibility to habitat-induced degradation.
  19. (non-gloss definition)

  20. (uxi)

  21. 1993, ''Vibe'' (volume 1, number 2)

  22. So we went around the corner, looked in the garbage, and, boom, there's about 16 of the tapes he didn't like!
  23. 2013, Peter Westoby, Gerard Dowling, ''Theory and Practice of Dialogical Community Development''

  24. Hostile race relations and chronic unemployment are ignored in the suburbs of Paris, London and Sydney, and boom! there are riots.
  25. (senseid) A spar extending the foot of a sail; a spar rigged outboard from a ship's side to which boats are secured in harbour.

  26. A movable pole used to support a microphone or camera.

  27. A microphone supported on such a pole.

  28. A horizontal member of a crane or derrick, used for lifting.

  29. The longest element of a antenna, on which the other, smaller ones are transversally mounted.

  30. A floating barrier used to obstruct navigation, for military or other purposes; or used for the containment of an spill or to control the flow of logs from logging operations.

  31. A wishbone-shaped piece of windsurfing equipment.

  32. The section of the arm on a backhoe closest to the tractor.

  33. A gymnastics apparatus similar to a balance beam.

  34. To extend, or push, with a boom or pole.

  35. ''(usually with "up" or "down")'' To raise or lower with a crane boom.

  36. A period of prosperity, growth, progress, or high market activity.

  37. To flourish, grow, or progress.

  38. (syn)

  39. (quote-journal)

  40. To cause to advance rapidly in price.

  41. tree

  42. any solid, pole-shaped, usually wooden object

  43. (l)

  44. (l), as in a market explosion

  45. boom (dramatically fast increase)

  46. A (l) (sound)

  47. A (l), rapid expansion

  48. A (l) (crane)

  49. beam, pole

  50. barrier

  51. (l) (period of prosperity)

  52. (l) (rapid expansion or increase)

  53. (l) (gloss)

  54. boom (gloss)