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loss englannista suomeksi

  1. tappio

  2. menetys

  3. häviö

  1. menetys, väheneminen, tappio, hävikki, häviö

  2. tuho, tuhoutuminen

  3. menetys

  4. tappio, häviö

  5. lähtö of a single person, animal, etc., poistuminen of a single person, animal, etc., kuolonuhrit (monikko) ">kuolonuhrit (monikko) "losses"

  6. tappio

  7. häviö

  8. Substantiivi

  9. Verbi

loss englanniksi

  1. The result of no longer possessing an object, a function, or a characteristic due to external causes or misplacement.

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    (ux) other areas, glacier loss creates serious risk of a dry period across the Third Pole, Wang said.ogg

  3. The destruction or ruin of an object.

  4. Something that has been destroyed or ruined.

  5. Defeat; an instance of being defeated.

  6. The death of a person or animal.

  7. The condition of grief caused by losing someone or something, especially someone who has died.

  8. The sum an entity loses on balance.

  9. Electricity of kinetic power expended without doing useful work.

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  13. to a no longer attached or stuck state (no longer stuck to something, generally); loose, off, untied