suomi-englanti sanakirja

ad englannista suomeksi

  1. lehti-ilmoitus, mainos

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

ad englanniksi

  1. AD

  1. (abbreviation of)

  2. (syn)


  3. advantage

  4. to, toward

  5. name, name

  6. (Q)

  7. noun

  8. fire

  9. by

  10. at

  11. ew, bleah

  12. to give (to someone (hu-case); optionally as something (hu-case))

  13. to throw, organize, hold, give (a party/celebration/dinner, especially in honour of someone)

  14. (uxi)

  15. 1854, (w), ''Egy magyar nábob'', chapter 19; translated by R. Nisbet Bain (chapter 11):

  16. Könnyű a férjnek azt mondani, én holnap vagy egy hónap múlva nagy ünnepélyt adok, hivatalos lesz rá az egész környék, akiket ismerek és olyanok is, akiket sohasem láttam. A többi az asszony gondja.
    : It is easy enough for us men-folk to say, “I will give a great dinner-party to-morrow, or a month hence; and I will invite the whole country-side to it. I will invite not only those I know, but those I have never seen;” but it is our women-folk who have to take thought for it.
  17. to (qualifier)

  18. (ant)

  19. (non-gloss definition)

  20. (contraction of)

  21. (alternative form of) (ng); to, at, in

  22. toward, to

  23. to (q)

  24. near, by, by, at, to (q)

  25. (Q) (l) (l)|t=the residences being given near the Murcia

  26. against, on, upon (q)

  27. at, about, around, on, in (q)

  28. until, to, to, till (q)

  29. for, to, toward (q)

  30. order to, to, for (q)

  31. in comparison with, in comparison to, in relation to

  32. to (q)

  33. in consequence of

  34. against, at (q)

  35. among, amongst (q)

  36. (n-g); they, them

  37. story

  38. fire, funeral pyre

  39. (alternative form of) (gloss)

  40. (alternative form of); (inflection of)

  41. I (gloss)

  42. name

  43. (altform), (n-g)

  44. {{quote-book|sdc

  45. hat

  46. (romanization of)

  47. fence

  48. wall

  49. name, name, name

  50. noun

  51. reputation, fame, name, repute

  52. hell, underworld

  53. for, order to, to

  54. (soft mutation of)

  55. (yol-simple past of)

  56. (quote-book)

  57. (alt form)