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wall englannista suomeksi

  1. muuri

  2. muurata

  3. kerros

  4. seinä

  5. vallitus

  6. seinämä

  7. lohkeavuuspinta

  1. muuri, valli

  2. muuri

  3. seinä

  4. ruostepapurikko

  5. näköeste

  6. seinämä, seinä

  7. valehuutaja

  8. muurata, ympäröidä muurilla">ympäröidä muurilla, muurittaa

  9. Verbi

  10. Substantiivi

wall englanniksi

  1. A rampart of earth, stones etc. built up for defensive purposes.

  2. A structure built for defense surrounding a city, castle etc.

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  5. Each of the substantial structures acting either as the exterior of or divisions within a structure.

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  8. A point of desperation.

  9. A point of defeat or extinction.

  10. An impediment to free movement.

  11. A type of butterfly ((taxlink)).

  12. A barrier.

  13. A barrier to vision.

  14. Something with the apparent solidity and dimensions of a building wall.

  15. A divisive or containing structure in an organ or cavity.

  16. (RQ:Schuster Hepaticae)

  17. A fictional bidder used to increase the price at an auction.

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  19. A doctor who tries to admit as few patients as possible.

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  21. A line of defenders set up between an opposing free-kick taker and the goal.

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  23. A personal board listing messages of interest to a particular user.

  24. To enclose with, or as if with, a wall or walls.

  25. ''He walled the study with books.''

  26. To boil.

  27. To well, as water; spring.

  28. A spring of water.

  29. A kind of knot often used at the end of a rope; a knot or wale.

  30. To make a wall knot on the end of (a rope).

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  32. 1858, ''The New Priest in Conception Bay'' by Traill Spence Lowell|Robert Lowell http://ebooks.library.cornell.edu/cgi/t/text/pageviewer-idx?c=nwng;cc=nwng;rgn=full%20text;idno=nwng0017-2;didno=nwng0017-2;view=image;seq=581;node=nwng0017-2%3A43;page=root;size=50

  33. Wall, they spoke up, &39;n&39; says to her, s&39;d they, "Why, look a-here, aunty, Wus&39;t his skin, &39;t was rock?" so s&39;s she, "I guess not." (Well, they spoke up and says to her, said they, "Why look a-here, aunty, was it his skin that was rock to the Apostle Peter?" So says she, "I guess not.")
  34. 1988, Herbert M. Sutherland, ''Tall Tales of the Devil's Apron'', The Overmountain Press (ISBN), page 97

  35. Wall, be that as it may, ol&39; Hosshead was a purty good citizen in his day, an&39; he shore did make Juneybell toe the mark.
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  39. A 2|well. (rfclarify)