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hell englannista suomeksi

  1. helvetti

  2. horna

  3. meluaminen, häiriköinti

  4. helvetti-

  1. helvetti, horna

  2. helvetti

  3. pätsi

  4. helvetti!

  5. Substantiivi

hell englanniksi

  1. Hell

  2. Hela

  1. In various religions, the place where some or all spirits are believed to go after death

  2. 1611, James Version of the Bible|KJV, of Proverbs|Proverbs, (King James)/ProverbsChapter 23|23:14

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  4. The place where sinners suffer after death

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  7. A place or situation of great suffering in life.

  8. 1879, General William T. Sherman, commencement address at the Michigan Military Academy

  9. (quote-song)

  10. A place for gambling.

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  12. (RQ:Conrad Secret Agent)

  13. An extremely hot place.

  14. (non-gloss definition) in phrases grammatically requiring a noun.

  15. A place into which a tailor throws shreds, or a printer discards broken type.

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  19. 1596-97, Shakespeare|William Shakespeare, ''Merchant Of Venice|The Merchant Of Venice'', Merchant Of Venice (Shakespeare)|Act II Scene 7

  20. O hell! what have we here?
    A carrion Death, within whose empty eye
    There is a written scroll! ...
  21. (non-gloss definition); nay; not only that, but.

  22. (alt form) ''or'' (l).

  23. 1991, (w), ''Liar|The Liar'', p. 35:

  24. ‘I know whether a boy is telling me the truth or not.’‘Thank you, sir.’Did he hell. They never bloody did.
  25. To add luster to, burnish (silver or gold).

  26. To hell gold or gilt workː take two ounces of tartar, two ounces of sulfur.. and it will give it a fine luster.
  27. To pour.

  28. Gosh, the sickle went into me handː Down hell'd the blood.
  29. skewer

  30. spear

  31. icicle

  32. (aspirate mutation of)

  33. tender, gentle

  34. clear, bright, light

  35. 1918, von Heyking|Elisabeth von Heyking, ''Orgelpfeifen|Die Orgelpfeifen'', in: Zwei Erzählungen, Phillipp Reclam jun. Verlag, page 9:

  36. So dunkel und schauerlich die Gruft aussah, wenn man durch die blinden, bestaubten Scheibchen der kleinen Fenster hineinblickte, so hell und freundlich war oben die Kirche.
    : Just as dark and eerie the crypt looked like, if one looked in it through the cloudy, dusted little panes of the small windows, as bright and friendly was the church above.
  37. clear, bright

  38. light, pale

  39. luck

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