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  1. ABC

  1. aapinen

  2. aakkoset (monikko) , alkeet (monikko)

  3. Substantiivi

ABC englanniksi

  1. (IATA)

  2. The English alphabet. (defdate)(R:SOED5)

  3. ''Do you know your ABC?'' (U.S.: ''Do you know your ABCs?'')

  4. A type of poem in which the lines start with the letters of the alphabet in order. (defdate)

  5. A primer for teaching the alphabet and first elements of reading. (defdate)

  6. The fundamentals of any subject. (defdate)

  7. ''the ABC of finance''

  8. (quote-book)|passage=This was the ''Alma Mater'' of the Brigade, where it learned its A B C of military tactics.

  9. A straightforward, uniform playing style, often focusing on betting for value, folding weak hands, and avoiding bluffing.

  10. A British alphabetized guidebook for trains and their stations.

  11. (quote-book)|author=(w)|publisher=Chapman & Hall|passage=For this reason his heart sank when, emerging from his study into the great hall at quarter to eleven, he met Beaver already dressed and prepared to be entertained; it was only a momentary vexation, however, for while he wished him good morning he noticed that his guest had an A.B.C. in his hands and was clearly looking out a train.

  12. (initialism of) the essential steps in the immediate assessment and treatment of critically ill or injured patients.

  13. (quote-book)|isbn=9780544302068|page=(gbooks)|passage=I run my hands over his chest, assessing his ABCs: airway, breathing, circulation.

  14. (initialism of)

  15. (quote-book)|passage=Pennsylvania is one of 18 alcoholic beverage control states, commonly known as “ABC states.” In an ABC state, the state government controls the sale and distribution of various alcoholic beverages, depending on state law.

  16. (initialism of)

  17. (quote-book)|passage=Everyone was Chinese. Some of the students were ABCs. That means "American-born Chinese." Others were FOBs. FOB means "fresh off the boat" and it is a bad insult. I didn't feel prejudiced about the FOBs because I was one of them.

  18. (quote-book)|passage=Many argue, with justice, that the differences between the various groups of Chinese-Australians are such that it is impossible to speak in terms of a "cultural identity" common to them all (Ang 2001). On the other hand, the mainstream culture is rarely capable of making such distinctions: in the eyes of most Australians, there is little difference between an ABC (Australian-born Chinese), an ethnic Chinese from Vietnam, or a mainlander.

  19. (quote-book)|passage=Activity-based costing is a powerful control tool. With ABC, the manager can access all departments and monitor the costs associated with any activity he or she wants to control.

  20. (quote-book)|passage=Boga and Subhash with Sherpa Nim Dorje and Kedar Singh left early to open a route to advance base camp. (..) They proceeded south along the left bank of the glacier. They could avoid the moraines by climbing the slopes near the bank. It was a long march and they established ABC at 4877 m on a small open rocky ground.

  21. (quote-book)|passage=ABC-transporters are multispan membrane proteins that mediate the active uptake or efflux of specific substrates across various biological membrane systems. A functional ABC-transporter protein usually consists of two transmembrane domains and two ABCs.

  22. (quote-book)|passage=In the long bones, spine, and flat bones, the majority of aneurysmal bone cysts (ABCs) are eccentrically located whereas in the short tubular bones they are usually central in location. (..) About 15% of all giant cell tumors have cystic areas that resemble ABC, and in about one third of all ABCs a pre-existing lesion can be identified.

  23. (abbreviation of)

  24. (quote-book)|passage=Like foreclosure, an assignment for the benefit of creditors (ABC) is a creature of state law. ABCs have long been popular in a few states, most notably California and Illinois, but they are beginning to gain traction in other states as a less expensive alternative to bankruptcy.

  25. (quote-book)|passage=As a matter of fact, when numerically handling a model originally established on an unbounded domain, it is compulsory to impose the pertinent ABC to terminate the endless mesh while retaining a well-posed and stable simulation.

  26. (quote-book)|passage=Abstract base classes (ABCs) represent an interesting paradox. (..) It is instructive to think of ABCs as tools rather than as part of the product.

  27. (quote-book)

  28. (quote-book)|passage=Creatively integrating counseling theory, research, and best practices has afforder me the opportunity to constructively engage clients in adventure-based counseling (ABC) activities that foster social, mental, and emotional development. Utilizing ABC as an innovative counseling approach for individuals, families, and groups has increased my enthusiasm as a counselor.

  29. (syn)

  30. (initialism of)|dot=: an American commercial broadcast network founded in 1943.

  31. (initialism of) (defdate)

  32. (initialism of)|dot=; (n-g)

  33. (quote-journal)

  34. (initialism of) city|satellite cities around the city of Paulo that form the most important industrial area in Brazil.

  35. (initialism of) an English-language bookstore in Amsterdam founded in 1972.

  36. (initialism of) the three main categories of of mass destruction. warfare

  37. (quote-book)|passage=She'd chew the gum until she was finished with it for the day and store it in a tiny box in the refrigerator until she wanted another chew. If I accidentally threw out her gum, she was able to find someone else's ABC gum (already been chewed).

  38. (initialism of) (n-g)

  39. (quote-journal)|year=1997|month=March|volume=23|issue=3|page=(gbooks)|passage=He thought he was up-to-date on all the latest wine lingo until a longtime wine writer returned his sample request card with a bold, hand-written note on it that stated, “Send me all samples—ABC!” ¶ “ABC” threw my friend for a loop. When he called me, I translated the cryptic phrase—ABC is winespeak for “Anything But Chardonnay.”

  40. (initialism of)|dot=: a education policy developed in response to the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

  41. (quote-book)|passage=A final example of the iatrogenic effects of international public interventions is the impact on condom use that resulted from the “ABC” (Abstinence, Be Faithful, Use Condoms) approach to AIDS prevention, which has dominated programmatic efforts in Nigeria since about 2000. The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), created under US President George W. Bush's administration, promoted a conservative approach to AIDS prevention through its ABC messages, which were (1) abstinence is the only true prevention; (2) if one is in a sexual relationship, stay faithful to one partner; and (3) if one can't do either, use condoms.

  42. (initialism of) (ngd)

  43. Bíblica de Catalunya|Associació Bíblica de Catalunya, a Catalonian bible club

  44. (l) (gloss)

  45. ABC, alphabet

  46. 1868, Friedrich Schmitt, ''Neues System zur Erlernung der deutschen Aussprache nebst neuer Eintheilung des ABC'', München, book title:

  47. (quote)
  48. NBC. (initialism of) (l) und (l)

  49. (l)(s) (gl)

  50. the ABCs (gl)

  51. (ja-x)

  52. (alt form)

  53. an (l) (q)

  54. (quote-book)|title=Breve til hans datter|page=144|passage=paa bogstavet E stod i gamle tyske ABC’er 2 dyr: Esel og Elephant|t=on the letter E stood in old German ABCs 2 animals: Donkey and Elephant

  55. (quote-book)|title=Med vingehest i manesjen|page=50|passage=Foreldreaksjonen mot samnorsk … oppfordret til retting av samnorskformene i skolebarnas ABC’er|t=The parental reaction against Samnorsk… called for the correction of Samnorsk forms in school children's ABCs

  56. (quote-book)|title=En by som ingen ainnen|passage=jeg kunne lese før jeg begynte i første klasse, og det var kjedelig å høre på når andre elever stotret seg gjennom avsnitt i ABC-en|t=I could read before I started first grade, and it was boring to listen to other students stumble through sections of the ABC

  57. (quote-book)|title=Bakenfor alle farger|passage=vi hadde lært bokstavene og tallene, lest vår ABC og fylt ut atskillige skrivebøker|t=we had learned the letters and numbers, read our ABCs and filled out several exercise books

  58. basic knowledge of a subject

  59. (quote-book)|title=Gamle Friks diamant|page=66|passage=det hører jo til en politimands ABC, at han bør mistænke alle, saalænge den skyldige ikke er opdaget|t=it belongs to a policeman's ABC that he should suspect everyone, as long as the culprit is not discovered

  60. (quote-book)|title=Lindeman & Sachs|page=465|passage=det er jo børsens ABC: Man selger i hausse og kjøper i baisse|t=it is the stock exchange's ABC: You sell hausse and buy in baisse

  61. (quote-web)

  62. ''vitenskapens og politikkens ABC''

    the ABC's of science and politics


  63. a (l) that contains elementary knowledge within a topic or subject

  64. (l) (q)

  65. (initialism of) ("atomic, biological and chemical") the three main categories of of mass destruction|weapons of mass destruction.

  66. (initialism of) ("Argentina, Brazil and Chile") the three richest countries in America.

  67. ABC (q), alphabet

  68. (alternative form of)