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  1. Etelä

  2. Etelävaltiot

South englanniksi

  1. south

  1. The southern part of any region; (altcaps).

  2. The South.

  3. Those states which formed the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

  4. The south-eastern states of the States, including many of the same states as formed the Confederacy.

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  7. I should add a story, you know in the South at that time, Governor Barnett was sort of known as a bit of a dim bulb. And two years before, during the presidential campaign, one of the flashpoints in the debates that fall involved two Nationalist Chinese islands just off the coast of China: Quemoy and Matsu. And right after this argument erupted in the campaign, (w) was out politicking one day and the reporters asked him, "Governor, what about Quemoy and Matsu?" And he looked around sort of lost and said to one of his aides, "Them those two fellers I put on the Fishing and Game Commission last year?"
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