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industrial englannista suomeksi

  1. teollistunut, teollinen

  2. työ-

  3. taideteollinen

  1. teollinen, teollisuus / teollisuus-

  2. teollinen, teollistunut

  3. Substantiivi

  4. tehdastyöläinen, teollisuustyöntekijä

  5. teollisuusyritys

  6. teollisuusosake

industrial englanniksi

  1. Of or relating to industry, notably manufacturing.

  2. (quote-journal)

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  4. Produced by such industry.

  5. Used by such industry.

  6. (quote-book)

  7. Suitable for use in such industry; industrial-grade.

  8. Massive in scale or quantity.

  9. Employed as manpower by such industry.

  10. (quote-song)

  11. Having many industries; industrialized.

  12. Belonging or pertaining to the genre of music.

  13. An employee in industry.

  14. An enterprise producing tangible goods or providing certain services to industrial companies.

  15. A bond or stock issued by such a company.

  16. A film made for use within an industry, not for a movie-going audience.

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  18. ''I wish they'd play more industrial in this club.''

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  20. industrial