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satellite englannista suomeksi

  1. kuu, kiertolainen

  2. satelliitti

  3. lähettää satelliitin välityksellä

  4. periferia-

  1. Substantiivi

  2. apuri neutral; kätyri evil or derogatory

  3. kiertolainen

  4. vasallivaltio country; nukkehallitus government; sivutoimisto, haarakonttori office; sivurakennus building; sivu / sivu-, ala-

  5. satelliitti, tekokuu

  6. satelliittitelkkari

  7. Verbi

satellite englanniksi

  1. A moon or other smaller body orbiting a larger one. (defdate)

  2. (ux)

  3. A man-made apparatus designed to be placed in orbit around a celestial body, generally to relay information, data etc. to Earth. (defdate)

  4. ''Many telecommunication satellites orbit at 36000km above the equator.''

  5. A country, state, office, building etc. which is under the jurisdiction, influence, or domination of another body. (defdate)

  6. An attendant on an important person; a member of someone's retinue, often in a somewhat derogatory sense; a henchman. (defdate)

  7. (RQ:Florio Montaigne Essayes)sent his Satellites to apprehend the good old man ''Rasias''(nb..).

  8. 1826, (w), (w), p.348:

  9. (..)he would nevertheless have a better bargain of this tall satellite if they settled the debate betwixt them in the forest(nb..). Betwixt anxiety, therefore, vexation, and anger, Charles faced suddenly round on his pursuer(nb..).
  10. 1948, Willard E. Hawkins, ''The Technique of Fiction: A Basic Course in Story Writing'', p.169:

  11. The unnamed chronicler in his Dupin stories was the first Dr. Watson type of satellite—a narrator who accompanies the detective on his exploits, exclaims over his brilliance(nb..).
  12. Satellite TV; reception of television broadcasts via services that utilize man-made satellite technology. (defdate)

  13. ''Do you have satellite at your house?''

  14. A grammatical construct that takes various forms and may encode a path of movement, a change of state, or the grammatical aspect. Examples: "a bird flew past"; "she turned on the light".

  15. To transmit by satellite.

  16. 1997, Alvin A. Snyder, ''Warriors of Disinformation'' (page 160)

  17. It had to speed up its efforts to participate in the international satellite television market. In the summer of 1986 it began satelliting TV programs to Africa, and in early 1987, to Asia and twenty countries in Latin America (..)
  18. (l) (moon or other celestial body)

  19. (l) (man-made apparatus)

  20. (l), from or relating to a satellite (man-made apparatus)

  21. 2013, Jean-Noël Marien, Émilien Dubiez, Dominique Louppe, Adélaïde Larzillière, ''Quand la ville mange la forêt: les défis du bois-énergie en Afrique centrale'', page 45, (ISBN)

  22. Le couvert végétal du basin d’approvisionnement en bois-énergie de la ville de Kinshasa a été cartographié par images satellites
  23. satellite

  24. satellite

  25. (inflection of)

  26. a guard or watchman

  27. (l)