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  1. runo

  1. Substantiivi

  2. runo

poem englanniksi

  1. A literary piece written in verse.

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  3. A piece of writing in the tradition of poetry, an instance of poetry.

  4. A piece of poetic writing, that is with an intensity or depth of expression or inspiration greater than is usual in prose.

  5. poem

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  8. Hit wisna till weel trowe da nineteent century at Shetlanders tried der haand at writin ida dialect — maistly poems, wi a antrin story noo an dan.
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  10. And Hugh MacDiarmid was and is A Brawli Makar, for as siccan folk hand tae 't as thrugaun as a poem itsel, he daes, an daes he no.
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  12. The pseudonym TSL first thocht on uisin stertin oot ti publish his wark wis ''Thrawn'', an he uised this for whit we think micht be his first published poem in a Sooth African paper at haes (for nou) hidden itsel ower again amang the files.
  13. poem