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uniform englannista suomeksi

  1. säännöllinen

  2. tasalaatuinen

  3. yhtenäinen

  4. yhdenmukainen, samanlainen

  5. pukea virkapukuun, univormussa, virkapuvussa, pukea univormuun

  6. virkapuku, univormu

  1. yhdenmukainen

  2. yhtenäinen, yhdenmukainen

  3. Substantiivi

  4. virkapuku, univormu, sotilaspuku

  5. Verbi

uniform englanniksi

  1. Unvarying; all the same.

  2. (quote-journal)

  3. Consistent; conforming to one standard.

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  5. The only doubt is, about the manner of their unity; how far Churches are bound to be uniform in their Ceremonies, and what way they ought to take for that purpose.
  6. with speed of convergence not depending on choice of function argument; as in continuity, convergence

  7. Composed of a single macromolecular species.

  8. (''of a polyhedron'') That is isogonal and whose faces are regular polygons; (''of an n-dimensional (n>3) polytope'') that is isogonal and whose bounding (n-1)-dimensional facets are uniform polytopes.

  9. A distinctive outfit that serves to identify members of a group.

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  11. The Hooverette housedress can be worn as a dress or as an apron.
    This is the latest in uniforms, madam, according to Vogue.
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  13. F. W. Robertson

  14. There are many things which a soldier will do in his plain clothes which he scorns to do in his uniform.
  15. (alt case) (ng).

  16. A uniformed officer (as opposed to a detective).

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  18. Skeletor held the gun against Speedo’s head, held Speedo between himself and the cops who stood, motionless and futile, where they’d stopped. Robinson, Lindfors, Carter, three uniforms and I watched helpless as Skeletor, dragging Speedy with him, inched out the gate, started backing down the hill.
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  20. Four men flew out of it, three uniforms and one in what appeared to be an English riding outfit—boots, whip, the whole nine yards. (..) He called out, “I’m the superintendent of police.”
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  22. Eyes to the front now and there was the body, a lump of black and brown. Moon counted three uniforms and a photographer, the medical examiner and his assistant.
  23. To clothe in a uniform.

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  25. Uniform; a distinctive outfit. (defdate)

  26. Uniform. (defdate)

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  28. uniform

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  30. uniform

  31. Uniform; a distinctive outfit.