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jack englannista suomeksi

  1. pallo

  2. talja, tunkki

  3. jätkä, sotamies, solttu, sotilas

  4. keulalippu

  5. pistorasia

  6. nostaa tunkilla, nostaa nosturilla

  7. maalipallo

  8. metsätyömies, tukkijätkä

  9. juuri mitään

  10. aasiori

  11. jakkihedelmä

  12. jack

  13. tuulastaa

  1. tunkki, nosturi

  2. jätkä

  3. koiras

  4. aasiori

  5. jakki

  6. rainelippu

  7. laivastolippu

  8. fyrkka, hynä, massi, paalu

  9. piikkimakrilli

  10. luisti

  11. pistorasia

  12. nostaa tunkilla">nostaa tunkilla, tunkata

  13. varastaa

  14. lyödä kunnari">lyödä kunnari

  15. Substantiivi

jack englanniksi

  1. Jack

  1. A coarse mediaeval coat of defence, especially one made of leather. (defdate)

  2. ''(w)'' (armor made up of small metal plates sewn between layers of cloth, similar to a brigandine)

    ''jack of mail''

    ''padded jack''

  3. 1591, John Harington, translating Ariosto's ''Orlando Furioso'', x. 73 (quoted in e.g. 1822, Robert Nares, ''A Glossary'', page 186):

  4. Their horsemen are with jacks for most part clad, / Their horses are both swift of course and strong, / They run on horseback with a slender gad, / And like a speare, but that it is more long.
  5. (quote-text)|title=The history and antiquities of the city of Dublin

  6. (quote-book)

  7. ''A man.''

  8. A name applied to a hypothetical or typical man. (defdate)

  9. {{quote-text|en|year=1723|title=The New-England Courant|volume=80

  10. A man, a fellow; a typical man; men in general. (defdate)

  11. (RQ:Shakespeare Taming of the Shrew).

  12. A sailor. (defdate)

  13. A policeman or detective; (i) a policeman. (defdate)

  14. (syn)

  15. {{quote-text|en|year=1935|author=Bernard O'Donnell|title=The trials of Mr. Justice Avory|page=219

  16. A laborer. (defdate)

  17. A lumberjack. (defdate)

  18. A sepoy.

  19. {{quote-text|en|year=1855|author=William Delafield Arnold|title=Oakfield: Or, Fellowship in the East|page=280

  20. ''A device or utensil.''

  21. A device for turning a spit; a smokejack or jack. (defdate)

  22. (RQ:Smollett Peregrine Pickle).

  23. Each of a series of blocks in a harpsichord or the earlier virginal, communicating the action of the key to the quill; sometime also, a hopper in a modern piano. (defdate)

  24. {{quote-book|en|year= 1609 |year_published= 1923 |author= Shakespeare|Shakespeare |editor= Edward Bliss Reed |title= Shakespeare's Sonnets |publisher= Yale University Press |chapter= s:Shakespeare's Sonnets (1923) Yale/Text/Sonnet 128|Sonnet 128 |lines=1–14 |text= Do I envy those jacks that nimble leap

  25. {{quote-text|en|year=1780|author=Hannah Cowley|title=The Belle's Stratagem|section=I.4

  26. A support for wood being sawn; a sawhorse or sawbuck. (defdate)

  27. A device used to hold a boot by the heel, to assist in removing the boot. (defdate)

  28. A mechanical device used to raise and (temporarily) support a heavy object, now especially to lift one side of a motor vehicle when (e.g.) changing a tyre. (defdate)

  29. ''She used a jack to lift her car and changed the tire.''

  30. Any of various levers for raising or lowering the sinkers which push the loops down on the needles in a knitting machine or stocking frame. (defdate)

  31. A wedge for separating rocks rent by blasting. (defdate)

  32. A grating device used to separate and guide the threads in a warping machine; a box. (defdate)

  33. A machine for twisting the sliver as it leaves a carding machine, in the preparation of yarn. (defdate)

  34. A switch for a plug, a switch; (i) a socket used to connect a device to a circuit, network etc. (defdate)

  35. (uxi)


  36. ''A non-tool object or thing.''

  37. A pitcher or other vessel for holding liquid, especially alcoholic drink; a black-jack. (defdate)

  38. (RQ:Dryden Juvenal Satires)

  39. 1820-25, (w), in ''(w)'' (1830)

  40. He had his tea and hot rolls in a morning, while we were battening upon our quarter-of-a-penny loaf — our ''crug'' — moistened with attenuated small beer, in wooden piggings, smacking of the pitched leathern jack it was poured from.
  41. (senseid) The lowest card in a deck of standard cards, ranking between the 10 and queen, with an image of a knave or pageboy on it. (defdate)

  42. A small, typically white, ball used as the target ball in bowls; a jack-ball. (defdate)

  43. A small ship's flag used as a signal or identifying device; a small flag flown at the bow of the vessel. (defdate)

  44. A measure of liquid corresponding to a quarter of a pint. (defdate)

  45. A fake coin designed to look like a sovereign. (defdate)

  46. A crosstree.1841, (w), ''The Seaman's Friend'' (defdate)

  47. A small, six-pointed playing piece used in the game of jacks. (defdate)

  48. A torch or other light used in hunting to attract or dazzle game at night. (defdate)

  49. Money, cash. (defdate)

  50. {{quote-text|en|year=1939|author=Raymond Chandler|title=The Big Sleep|page=133|publisher=Penguin|year_published=2011

  51. (quote-song)

  52. A strong alcoholic liquor, especially home-distilled or illicit. (defdate)

  53. 1920, (w), letter, 14 April:

  54. A quart of raisin jack was divided between us with the result that tha day proper (after the night before) was spent very quietly, watered and Bromo-Seltzered, with amusing anecdotes occasionally sprouting from towelled head to towelled head.
  55. (senseid) Nothing, shit. (defdate)

  56. (ux)

  57. (quote-av ) |title=(w) |publisher=Miramax |url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFUkvdVyRKk&t=76s |passage=''Sergeant Albrecht:'' Hey, c'mon, read the file! Shelly Webster, held on for 30 hours in intensive care and, her body finally just gave up. I saw it man, I couldn't do jack for her.

  58. The eleventh batsman to come to the crease in an innings.

  59. A smooth often ovoid large gravel or small cobble in a natural water course.

  60. ''A plant or animal.''

  61. A pike, especially when young. (defdate)

  62. A male ass, especially when kept for breeding. (defdate)

  63. Any of the marine fish in the family (taxfmt). (defdate)

  64. A jackrabbit. (defdate)

  65. (quote-journal)"

  66. A large California rockfish, the bocaccio, (taxlink).

  67. (taxlink), related to the mango tree.

  68. (c) Plant in the genus (taxfmt), also known as Jack-in-the-pulpit, and capitalized Jack.

  69. (quote-web)

  70. Spadix of a plant (also capitalized Jack).

  71. (c) Plant of the genus (taxfmt), also considered synonymous to (taxfmt), if not then containing two species (vern) and (vern) for (taxlink) syn. (taxlink), Australian English (vern) and (vern) for (taxlink) syn. (taxlink).

  72. To physically raise using a jack.

  73. To raise or increase.

  74. To increase the potency of an alcoholic beverage similarly to distillation by chilling it to below the freezing point of water, removing the water ice crystals that form, and leaving the still-liquid alcoholic portion.

  75. {{quote-journal|en|year=1941|journal=Esquire|volume=15|issue=1-3|page=176

  76. {{quote-book|en|year=2010|author=Scott Mansfield|title=Strong Waters: A Simple Guide to Making Beer, Wine, Cider ...|isbn=1615191127

  77. (anchor) To steal (something), typically an automobile; to rob (someone).

  78. (quote-song)|artist=Skepta featuring Jme|title=(w)|album=(w)|track=10|passage=Now I'm in a new whip counting the big stack / Yellow-gold chain and the diamonds are black / Jack me? Nah, you don't wanna do that

  79. To dance by moving the torso forward and backward in a rippling motion.

  80. To off, to masturbate.

  81. {{quote-book|en|year=2017|author=Diamond Johnson|title=Finding My Way Back to Love 2|publisher=Sullivan Group Publishing|isbn=9781648540035

  82. To fight

  83. Tired, disillusioned; up ((m)). (defdate)

  84. {{quote-book|en|year=2006|author=Alexis Wright|title=Carpentaria|publisher=Giramondo|year_published=2012|page=78

  85. The edible fruit of the Asian tree ((taxfmt)); also the tree itself. (defdate)

  86. The related tree (taxlink).

  87. (syn)|wani

  88. A run.

  89. (quote-newsgroup)

  90. To hit (the ball) hard; especially, to hit (the ball) out of the field, producing a run.

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  93. (ante), Jim McManus, quoted in T.J. Lewis, ''A View from the Mound: My Father’s Life in Baseball'', Lulu.com (publisher, 2008), (ISBN), page 107:

  94. Maybe he hung a curve ball to somebody and they jacked it out of the park on him and he wasn’t upset about it.
  95. (l)

  96. (l) (gloss)

  97. A rapist (specifically a male one)

  98. (alternative form of)