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queen englannista suomeksi

  1. naaraskissa

  2. tulla kuningattareksi

  3. kaljurotta

  4. hinttari

  5. kuningatar

  6. rouva, akka

  7. tehdä sotilaasta kuningatar

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kuningatar

  3. kuningatar, rouva, akka colloquial

  4. valtiatar, matriarkka

  5. homo

  6. kuningatar, emo

  7. naaraskissa

  8. Verbi

queen englanniksi

  1. (senseid) The wife, consort, or widow of a king.

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    (coordinate terms)

  3. (RQ:Shakespeare Midsummer Q1)

  4. (senseid) A female monarch.

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  7. (senseid) A woman whose pre-eminence, power, or forcefulness is comparable to that of a queen.

  8. (senseid) The (l) (''especially in formulations such as (m),'' Queen of Glory).

  9. (quote-book ) |title=The Araignment of Lewd, Idle, Froward, and Unconstant Women: Or the Vanitie of Them, Choose You Whether |url=https://books.google.ca/books?id=1n5nAAAAcAAJ |location=London |year_published=1807 |accessdate=14 January 2022 |passage=(..) and yet I will not ſay but amongſt duſt there is Pearle found, and in hard rockes Dyamonds of great value, and ſo amongſt many women there are ſome good, as that gracious and glorious Queene of all woman kinde the Virgin ''Mary'' the mother of al bliſſe, what wun her honour, but an humble minde and her paines and loue vnto our Sauiour Chriſt.

  10. (senseid) An excellent woman.

  11. (senseid) A woman pre-eminent in a particular group or field.

  12. (RQ:Shakespeare Merchant of Venice )

  13. (quote-journal )

  14. (senseid) An attractive woman; a female partner in a romantic relationship.

  15. (senseid) Something regarded as the greatest of its kind or as having pre-eminence or power comparable to that of a queen over a given area.

  16. (senseid) (multiple images ))'' of all four suits in the (w) |image2=Carromboard.JPG |width2=3264 |height2=2448 |alt2= |caption2=A carrom board with the red queen ''((senseno))'' in the centre (non-gloss definition)

  17. (senseid) A chess piece that, under contemporary rules, is the most powerful, able to move any number of spaces horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

  18. (senseid) A card with a depiction of a queen on it, generally ranking next below the king and above the jack in a given suit.

  19. (senseid) A red disk that is the most valuable piece in the Asian game of carrom.

  20. (senseid) mellifera scutellata 1355021.jpg|thumb|upright|worker bee|Worker bees around the queen ''((senseno))'' of the hive, marked with a pink dot A reproductive female insect in a hive, such as an ant, bee, termite or wasp.

  21. (synonyms)

  22. A type of flatfish, specifically the sole.

  23. (senseid) A apple.

  24. (senseid) A scallop.

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  26. (quote-book ) Do. with Kings and Queens.

  27. A type of large roofing slate.

  28. (senseid) A homosexual man, especially one regarded as effeminate.

  29. (quote-journal ) all of these men are lasciviously dressed in womanly attire, short sleeves, low-necked dresses and the usual ball-room decorations and ornaments of women, feathered and ribboned head-dresses, garters, frills, flowers, ruffles, etc., and deport themselves as women. Standing or seated on a pedestal, but accessible to all the rest, is the naked queen (a male), whose phallic member, decorated with a ribbon, is subject to the gaze and osculations in turn, of all the members of this lecherous gang of sexual perverts and phallic fornicators.

  30. (quote-book ) operator Charles Zipf described the "feminine" attire found in Gianelli’s room, reported his description of other "queens," and passed on "Salome's" admission of having had sex with men from the U.S.S. ''Baltimore''.

  31. (senseid) An adult female cat capable of breeding.

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  33. (quote-book)|section=Comic 1111 - Drag|sectionurl=https://rain.thecomicseries.com/comics/1111|format=webcomic|text="I mean, it's not for everyone. And there's definitely good drag and bad drag. (..) But I did learn a lot about myself and what I wanted from my life from some of the queens I used to know."

  34. (senseid) Pertaining to a queen-size bed or queen-size bedding.

  35. (senseid) A butterfly (''Danaus'' spp., especially (taxlink)).

  36. To act the part of a queen; to behave (l); to it.

  37. To make a queen or (''figuratively'') to give the status of a queen.

  38. (RQ:Shakespeare Winter's Tale)

  39. To promote a pawn to a chess piece|queen.

  40. (quote-book)|publisher=Everyman Chess|location=London|isbn=9781857443486|year=2003|page=39|passage=Neither King will be able to stop the opponent's pawns from queening, when the game should be a draw. In such cases, which side queens first, or queens with check, can make a crucial difference. In this case, White promotes his pawn first and is able to put this advantage to good use.

  41. To be the queen bee of a colony.

  42. (quote-book)

  43. To provide with a new queen bee.

  44. (antonyms)

  45. To sit on a person’s face to receive sex, typically while straddling the person’s head.

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  47. (l)