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host englannista suomeksi

  1. isäntä, isäntäkone

  2. isännöidä, toimia isäntänä

  3. sotajoukko

  4. juontaja

  5. joukko

  6. siirrännäisen saaja

  7. järjestäjä

  1. isäntä

  2. juontaja, isäntä

  3. isäntä, isäntäeliö

  4. kantaja

  5. isännöidä, toimia isäntänä">toimia isäntänä, juontaa show

  6. ylläpitää, pyörittää informal, hostata informal

  7. sotajoukko

  8. joukko, liuta

  9. öylätti, ehtoollisleipä, oblaatti

  10. Substantiivi

host englanniksi

  1. Host

  1. One which receives or entertains a guest, socially, commercially, or officially.

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  4. One that provides a facility for an event.

  5. A person or organization responsible for running an event.

  6. A moderator or of ceremonies for a performance.

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  8. Any computer attached to a network.

  9. A cell or organism which harbors another organism or biological entity, usually a parasite.

  10. (quote-journal)

  11. An organism bearing certain genetic material, with respect to its cells.

  12. A paid male companion offering conversation and in some cases sex, as in certain types of bar in Japan.

  13. To perform the role of a host.

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  15. To lodge at an inn.

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  17. To run software made available to a remote user or process.

  18. {{quote-newsgroup|en|date=May 7 1987|author=Selden E. Ball, Jr.|title=Re: Ethernet Terminal Concentrators|newsgroup=comp.protocols.tcp-ip

  19. (senseid) A multitude of people arrayed as an army; used also in religious senses, as: ''Heavenly host (of angels)''

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  23. A large number of items; a large inventory.

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  27. The consecrated bread of the Eucharist.

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  29. army, troops

  30. guest

  31. host

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  33. a single cough expulsion

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  37. foreigner

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