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parasite englannista suomeksi

  1. loinen

  2. parasiitti

  1. Substantiivi

  2. parasiitti

  3. loinen

  4. Verbi

parasite englanniksi

  1. A person who lives on other people's efforts or expense and gives little or nothing back. (defdate)

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  5. A sycophant or hanger-on.

  6. An organism that lives on or in another organism of a different species, deriving benefit from living on or in that other organism, while not contributing towards that other organism sufficiently to cover the cost to that other organism.

  7. (ux) and mites are widely spread parasites.

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  10. A climbing plant which is supported by a wall, trellis etc. (defdate)

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  12. A retainer or companion of an ancient Celtic warrior, who praised him in song or poetry at gatherings; a bard.

  13. A component of a composite aircraft which is carried aloft and air-launched by a larger carrier aircraft or mother ship to support the primary mission of the carrier; a aircraft.

  14. (quote-book) parasiting and aerial refueling as range-extension measures. Second, parasiting would be exorbitantly expensive, because each parasite bomber would need its own carrier. Two bombers could be serviced by a single tanker, however,(..)

  15. To parasitize.

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  18. radio interference

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  20. parasitic

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