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grad englannista suomeksi

  1. päästötodistuksen saanut, akateemisen loppututkinnon suorittanut, korkeakoulusta valmistunut, ylioppilas

  2. aste

  1. Substantiivi

grad englanniksi

  1. (abbreviation of)

  2. (abbreviation of)

  3. (alternative case form of)

  4. now, at the moment

  5. 1978, (w) & Christa Maerker, ''Die Schweizermacher'', (transcript):

  6. Mir si grad am Esse, aber Si gönd gern mitesse, wen Si wend.
    : ''We're eating at the moment, but you can gladly join us for dinner if you like.''
  7. exactly

  8. degree

  9. i allerhøjeste grad

    to the very highest degree

    til en sådan grad, at

    to such a degree that

  10. degree (180th of pi)

  11. Drej 90 grader i positiv omløbsretning (mod uret).

    Turn 90 degrees in the positive direction of circumambulation (counterclockwise).

  12. academic degree

  13. Hun tog en grad i ægyptologi.

    She got a degree in egyptology.

  14. (alternative form of)

  15. just, now

  16. ''Mäi Brudder ass grad heemkomm''

    My brother has just come home

  17. degree (''general'')

  18. an academic degree

  19. degree (''of angle'')

  20. degree (''of latitude or longitude'')

  21. degree (''of temperature'')

  22. (l) (qualifier)

  23. a (l) (''general'')

  24. an academic (l)

  25. (l) (''of angle'')

  26. (l) (''of latitude or longitude'')

  27. (l) (''of temperature'')

  28. (l) (q)

  29. grade, step, order, degree, rank

  30. hail

  31. (l)

  32. degree (unit of measurement for temperature)

  33. sudden, immediate, instant

  34. quick, rapid, swift, alert, agile

  35. city, town

  36. fortress, castle

  37. downtown, city centre

  38. gradian

  39. degree (measuring unit in various systems; the more usual and general term is (m) or (m))

  40. village

  41. castle

  42. city

  43. a degree (on a thermometer or other scale)

  44. a degree (from a university), a title

  45. a rank