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en englannista suomeksi

  1. n-ajatusviiva, puolitasava

  1. än, ännä

  2. Verbi

  3. Substantiivi

en englanniksi

  1. (abbreviation of)

  2. (Latn-def)

  3. (ux)

  4. A unit of measurement equal to half an em (half the height of the type in use).

  5. (non-gloss definition)

  6. him

  7. (quote-book)

  8. it (when the thing being referred to is masculine)

  9. to be, exist

  10. and

  11. well

  12. a, an

  13. in

  14. width

  15. (syn)

  16. e (qualifier) + un (qualifier)

  17. e (qualifier) + an (qualifier)

  18. (ngd).

  19. (non-gloss definition).

  20. in; into

  21. in

  22. and

  23. (non-gloss definition)

  24. him; (non-gloss definition)

  25. he; (non-gloss definition)

  26. them; (non-gloss definition)

  27. ye, you (plural)

  28. (non-gloss definition); you

  29. this (gloss)

  30. (alt form)

  31. a, an

  32. (cln) one

  33. one

  34. well, so

  35. plus, and

  36. not (q)

  37. 1544, "Van proper Janneken" (song 123), in Dieuwke E. van der Poel, Dirk Geirnaert, Hermina Joldersma, J.B. Oosterman & Louis Peter Grijp (eds.) ''Het Antwerps liedboek'', vol. 1, Lannoo (publ. 2004), page 283.

  38. (quote)
  39. 1632, Jacob Cats, ''Spiegel van den ouden ende nieuwen tijt, bestaende uyt spreeckwoorden ende sinspreucken'', "Een rotten appel in de mande, maeckt oock het gave fruyt te schande.", in J. van Vloten (ed.), ''Alle de werken'', vol. 1, 1862, page 649.

  40. "Herr Halewyn", A.H. Hoffmann von Fallersleben, ''Horae Belgicae'', page 41.

  41. circa 1860, Guido Gezelle, "Gij zegt dat 't vlaamsch te niet zal gaan".

  42. only, merely, no than, none other than (q)

  43. in, within, inside

  44. into (when followed by a noun or phrase in the accusative case)

  45. (l)

  46. (quote-book)|translation=As everything is a matter of proportions, without its presence being an argument, we can see that even in Europe there are Sovereign States with less territory than our three places, such as: (..)

  47. (n-g)

  48. in (gloss)

  49. to (gloss)

  50. by (gloss)

  51. as

  52. at (gloss)

  53. of, made of (gloss)

  54. while

  55. by, in (gloss)

  56. (ngd)

  57. (Q)

  58. When preceding a verb or a complement of a verb it can denote a unfinished or continued action:

  59. 1822, anonymous, ''A Parola Polêteca'':

  60. ''En escoitalo, señor tio Calacú, xà o peléxo do meu corpo tembra. Sei que á tanta agua que acarrexóu amolentoulle os miolos, é por eso louquéa''
    : While listening to you, my sir uncle Pumpkin, my body's skin trembles. Perhaps the much water you have carried softened you brain, and therefore you are going insane
  61. 1853, Xosé Manuel Pintos, ''A Gaita Gallega'':

  62. ''xa morder ti ben non podes''
    ''con tal podrico nos dentes,''
    ''inda no pan teño mentes''
    ''seique non podes chanchar''
    : you can no longer aptly eat
    : with such rottenness in you teeth,
    : even bread, I think,
    : probably you cannot gnaw (m) means "bite", but ''en'' preceding (m), "bread", implies a repeated action


  63. while; soon as (gloss)

  64. 1295, R. Lorenzo (ed.), ''La traducción gallega de la Crónica General y de la Crónica de Castilla.'' Ourense: I. E. O. P. F., page 111:

  65. ''Et o conde, en chegando et ferindo logo ẽnos mouros, todo en hũu o fezo''
    : And the count, just arriving, and hurting promptly the Moors, all in one he did that
  66. 1460, Rui Vasques, ''Corónica de Iria'':

  67. ''en leendo perlos llibros algũus de canõicas antijgas, et preujlegios goticos dos santos catholicos et deuotos bispos de Yria et porla Escriptura, achey o fundamento para rreduzir aa memoria dos homes quanto durarõ çertas ydades''
    : while reading books, some of them of ancient canons, and Gothic privileges of the saint Catholic and devout bishops of Iria, and through the Bible, I found the foundation for reducing to the mind of men for how long some ages lasted
  68. 1461, X. Ferro Couselo (ed.), ''A vida e a fala dos devanceiros. Escolma de documentos en galego dos séculos XIII ao XVI''. 2 vols. Vigo: Galaxia, page 141:

  69. ''dito testigo en seendo moço pequeno con seu tyo Afonso Dominges, guardando o gaando en Curro do Moyño, que le dixera o dito Afonso Domingees "bees, por aquy se parte ho término do conde do de Juan d'Estúñiga''
    : said witness while being a young boy together with his uncle Afonso Domínguez, watching the cattle in Curro do Muíño, he was told by said Afonso Domínguez: "you see, here the term of the count limits with that of Xoán de Estúñiga
  70. one (1)

  71. (inflection of): him.

  72. how

  73. but

  74. than (with an adjective in the comparative)

  75. (inflection of)

  76. (ja-romanization of)

  77. the

  78. 1912, ''Tijdschrift voor Nederlandsche taal— en letterkunde'', volumes 31-32, page 309:

  79. Hai waz nît tevrêde täus en (..)
    : He was not content at home and (..)
  80. wave

  81. {{quote-book

  82. {{quote-journal

  83. lookǃ beholdǃ (qual)

  84. reallyǃ? (qual)

  85. onǃ (qual)

  86. (non-gloss definition)''.

  87. (alternative form of)

  88. (non-gloss definition)/(l).

  89. Indefinite article; a, an

  90. (form of)

  91. (nonstandard spelling of)

  92. on; to

  93. not; negates a verb, usage is facultative if it leads to a negative

  94. (ux) en sal nümant syn Erve (m) verkopenn dar ander lüde wat anne hebbet. he en segget den kop to varenn.|Nobody shall not sell his inheritance, to which other people have rights attached, freely, unless he tell this to the buyer beforehand...

  95. unless

  96. (ux) en sal nümant syn Erve (m) verkopenn dar ander lüde wat anne hebbet. he en segget den kop to varenn.|Nobody shall sell his inheritance, to which other people have rights attached, freely, unless he tell this to the buyer beforehand...

  97. to stand

  98. (l), (l) (q)

  99. (nn-former)

  100. (alternative form of)

  101. in; inside

  102. on; upon

  103. in (experiencing an emotion, a feeling, etc.)

  104. in (indicates a language)

  105. (sense) and

  106. than

  107. of it; of them

  108. 12th century, Bernard de Ventadour, ''vei la lauzeta mover|Can vei la lauzeta mover''

  109. Ailas! Tan cuidava saberD'amor, e tan petit en sai,
    : Alas! I thought I knew so muchabout love, and I know so little it!
  110. (roa-opt-cite-cantigas)

  111. Como hũa moller q̇ iogaua os dados en pulla lançou hũa pedra aa omagen de ſanta maria por q̇ perdera ⁊ parou un angeo de pedra que y eſtava a mão ⁊ reçibiu o colpe.
    : How a woman who was playing dice in Apulia threw a stone at the statue of Holy Mary because she had lost, and an angel of stone which was there reached out its hand and received the blow.
  112. (ux) (''Heliand, verse 2637'')

  113. a, an (qual)

  114. him

  115. in, at, on

  116. (n-g) his, her, its

  117. (n-g) him, her, it

  118. (n-g); he, she, it.

  119. one; ''object form of'' man (=''one'')

  120. one (see usage notes)

  121. ''the indefinite article'': a, an.

  122. juniper

  123. a cachet on an animal or bonded goods

  124. ''Forms the superlative of the following adjective.''

  125. to look

  126. food

  127. meal