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green englannista suomeksi

  1. kokematon

  2. vihreä

  3. viher-

  4. vihertyä, viheriöidä, vihertää

  5. kenttä

  6. green

  7. raaka

  8. kalpea, sairaalloisen näköinen

  9. vihannes

  10. viheriö

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

green englanniksi

  1. Green

  1. Having green as its color.

  2. (syn)

    (ux) is fully green.

  3. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity).

  4. Sickly, unwell.

  5. (ux)

  6. (RQ:Shakespeare Macbeth)

  7. Unripe, said of certain fruits that change color when they ripen.

  8. Inexperienced.

  9. (RQ:Scott Peveril of the Peak) with the officious zeal which supposes that its green conceptions can instruct my grey hairs.

  10. 2008, Richard R. Rust, ''Renegade Champion: The Unlikely Rise of Fitzrada'' (page 91)

  11. He acted like a green racehorse, plunging over his jumps, tearing to the front of the field of riders.
  12. Naive or unaware of obvious facts.

  13. Overcome with envy.

  14. friendly|Environmentally friendly.

  15. {{quote-journal|en|date=2013-05-10

  16. (quote-journal)

  17. Describing a pitch which, even if there is no visible grass, still contains a significant amount of moisture.

  18. Of bacon or similar smallgoods: unprocessed, raw, unsmoked; not smoked or spiced.“unsmoked bacon used to be called green bacon, though the term is losing currency” Delia Online: Bacon, including gammon

  19. Not fully roasted; half raw.

  20. (RQ:Watts Logic)

  21. We say the meat is green when half roasted.
  22. Of film: freshly processed by the laboratory and not yet fully physically hardened.

  23. 1947, ''Theatre Catalog'' (volume 5, page 570)

  24. Following initial drying of film in a motion picture laboratory (after treatment in a hardening-fixing bath) the gelatin structure of an emulsion contracts and is permanently changed. The hardening action still continues for a time as a further small amount of residual moisture is given up. While traces of excess moisture remain, the emulsion is "green," relatively soft, (..)
  25. 1961, ''American Cinematographer'' (volume 42, page 618)

  26. (..) attaching pre-photographed and pre-printed footage of a focusing chart to daily film footage without taking into consideration that such film may be worn or dried out and therefore, in its plane of best focus, would not be identical to that of the green film of the daily rushes.
  27. Of freshly cut wood or lumber that has not been dried: containing moisture and therefore relatively more flexible or springy.

  28. High or too high in acidity.

  29. Full of life and vigour; fresh and vigorous; new; recent.

  30. (RQ:Burke Revolution in France)the greenest usurpation

  31. Having a sexual connotation.

  32. Having a charge of green.

  33. Being or relating to the currency|green currencies of the Union.

  34. The colour of growing foliage, as well as other plant cells containing chlorophyll; the colour between yellow and blue in the visible spectrum; one of the primary additive colour for transmitted light; the colour obtained by subtracting red and blue from white light using cyan and yellow filters.

  35. (color panel)

  36. {{quote-book|en|title=Fashion Victims: The Damages of Dress Past and Present|author=Alison Matthews David|year=2015|ISBN=9781845204495|page=81

  37. A member of a party; an environmentalist.

  38. (hypo)

  39. (quote-book)

  40. A green, the part of a course near the hole.

  41. The surface upon which bowls is played.

  42. One of the colour balls used in snooker, with a value of 3 points.

  43. a public patch of land in the middle of a settlement.

  44. A grassy plain; a piece of ground covered with verdant herbage.

  45. (RQ:Milton Poems)

  46. Fresh leaves or branches of trees or other plants; wreaths.

  47. (RQ:Pope TOF)

  48. Any substance or pigment of a green colour.

  49. A green light used as a signal.

  50. 1992, "How to Avoid the Most Embarrassing of Pilot Errors", in ''Flying Magazine'' (volume 119, number 6, page 94)

  51. To the casual cockpit observer, landing-gear operation appears to be one of the most elementary tasks we have to perform. Either the switch is up and the lights are out, or it's down and there are three greens.
  52. Marijuana.

  53. (quote-song)

  54. Money.

  55. One of the three charges for quarks.

  56. (short for)

  57. 2016, Bruce Montague, ''The Book of Shakespearian Useless Information''

  58. Today, actors say off-handedly, 'See you on the green' or 'I'll be in the green room' without giving the expressions much thought. In Shakespeare's day, actors changed behind the stage in the 'tiring house', (..)
  59. To make (something) green, to turn (something) green.

  60. (RQ:Thomson Sprin)

  61. Great spring before greened all the year.
  62. (quote-book)|title=(w)|publisher=James R. Osgood, McIlvaine and Co.|location=London|volume=1|page=30|passage=Out of that tub had come the day before - Tess felt it with a dreadful sting of remorse - the very white frock upon her back which she had so carelessly greened about the skirt on the damping grass - which had been wrung up and ironed by her mother's own hands.

  63. To become or grow green in colour.

  64. (RQ:Tennyson Ancient Sag)

  65. Her dust is greening in your leaf
  66. 1886, (w), "Flowers in Winter"

  67. by greening slope and singing flood
  68. To add greenspaces to (a town, etc.).

  69. 2000, ''AIA Guide to New York City'' (page 58)

  70. The newer 39-story, 1.5-million-square-foot tower occupies much of the original Shearson Garden, a larger parklet that briefly greened the construction site to be, and is remembered fondly by nearby Tribecans.
  71. To become environmentally aware.

  72. To make (something) environmentally friendly.

  73. green (gloss)

  74. a green, green (qualifier)

  75. pine, ''sylvestris''

  76. (l), green

  77. green

  78. To come to an understanding or agreement.

  79. To make a compact of reconciliation.

  80. (l)

  81. a green, green (''the closely mown area surrounding each hole on a golf course'')

  82. a green or green (''the closely mown area surrounding each hole on a golf course'')

  83. a green, green (''the closely mown area around a hole on a golf course'')

  84. (l)