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curry englannista suomeksi

  1. maustaa currylla

  2. currypata, curry

  3. sukia

  4. parkita

  1. curry, currypata

  2. currykastike

  3. maustaa currylla">maustaa currylla

  4. sukia

  5. muokata

  6. suorittaa Curry-muunnos">suorittaa Curry-muunnos

  7. Substantiivi

curry englanniksi

  1. curry powder

  1. One of a family of dishes originating from Indian cuisine, flavoured by a spiced sauce.

  2. (syn)

  3. A spiced sauce or relish, especially one flavoured with powder.

  4. powder|Curry powder.

  5. To cook or season with powder.

  6. To groom (a horse); to dress or rub down a horse with a comb.

  7. (RQ:Beaumont Fletcher Comedies and Tragedies)

  8. (quote-book)|chapter=11

  9. To dress (leather) after it is tanned by beating, rubbing, scraping and colouring.

  10. To beat, thrash; to drub.

  11. 1663, (w), ''(w)'' part 1, 1/Canto 1|canto 1

  12. (..)By setting brother against brother / To claw and curry one another.
  13. To try to win or gain (favour) by flattering.

  14. To perform currying upon.

  15. 2011, Zachary Kessin, ''Programming HTML5 Applications: Building Powerful Cross-Platform Environments in JavaScript'', "O'Reilly Media, Inc." ((ISBN)), page 21:

  16. The easiest way to curry parameters is to create a function that takes a parameter block and returns a function that will call the original function with the presupplied parameters as defaults (..).
  17. 2015, Leonardo Borges, ''Clojure Reactive Programming'', Packt Publishing Ltd ((ISBN)), page 194:

  18. Next, we curry the avg function to 3 arguments and put it into an option.
  19. To scurry; to ride or run hastily

  20. To cover (a distance); (of a projectile) to traverse (its range).

  21. 1608, George Chapman, ''The Conspiracie, and Tragedie of Charles Duke of Byron'' 2.245

  22. ''I am not hee that can ... by midnight leape my horse, curry seauen miles.''
  23. 1662, Thomas Salusbury, ''Galileo's Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems'' (Dialogue Two)

  24. ''All these shots shall curry or finish their ranges in times equal to each other.''
  25. To hurry.

  26. 1676, Andrew Marvell, ''Mr. Smirke'' 34

  27. ''A sermon is soon curryed over.''
  28. (obsolete form of)

  29. the spicy condiment powder

  30. a curry dish

  31. ketchup

  32. curry, powder (gloss)

  33. curry (gloss)

  34. curry

  35. curry; powder

  36. (l) (gl)

  37. powder

  38. powder (gloss)

  39. (l) (gloss)

  40. powder (gloss)

  41. curry (q)

  42. curry

  43. a curry