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churn englannista suomeksi

  1. kirnu

  2. kirnuta, hämmentää

  3. velloa, kuohua

  1. Verbi

  2. kirnuta

  3. hämmentää

  4. velloa

  5. Substantiivi

  6. kirnu

  7. liittymän vaihto">liittymän vaihto

churn englanniksi

  1. To agitate rapidly and repetitively, or to stir with a rowing or rocking motion; generally applies to liquids, notably cream.

  2. (ux)

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  5. To produce excessive and sometimes undesirable or unproductive activity or motion.

  6. (quote-journal)| url=| passage=The slope of the terrain, shaped like a funnel, squeezed the growing swell of churning snow into a steep, twisting gorge.

  7. To move rapidly and repetitively with a rocking motion; to tumble, mix or shake.

  8. To stop using a company's product or service.

  9. To repeatedly cancel and rebook a reservation in order to refresh ticket time limits or other fare rule restrictions.

  10. To continually sign up for new cards in order to earn signup bonuses, miles, and other benefits.

  11. To carry out sales in order to make the market appear more active than it really is.

  12. A vessel used for churning, especially for producing butter.

  13. A churn.

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  15. Customer attrition; the phenomenon or rate of customers leaving a company.

  16. The time when a consumer switches his/her service provider.

  17. The mass of people who are ready to switch carriers.

  18. Cyclic activity that achieves nothing.

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