suomi-englanti sanakirja

been englanniksi

  1. (inflection of)

  2. (inflection of)

  3. 1584, (w), ''The Arraignment of Paris'', I, ii

  4. My love is fair, my love is gay,
    As fresh as been the flowers in May;
  5. (circa) (w), ''(w)'', II

  6. Where when men been, there's seldom ease;
  7. 1641, (w), ''The Sad Shepherd'', I, iii

  8. O Friar, those are faults that are not seen,
    Ours open, and of worse example been.
  9. (quote-book)

  10. ''They been here since yesterday.''

  11. (en-irregular plural of)

  12. leg

  13. bone

  14. (topics) leg, limb of a person, horse (other animals' would have ''poten'') and certain objects (again many have ''poten'')

  15. (ux)

  16. side, leg

  17. (topics) bone, constituent part of a skeleton.

  18. (topics) bone, the chalky material bones are made of

  19. (nl-verb form of)

  20. (infl of)

  21. foot

  22. to (l)

  23. 1382, (w), translation of the Bible (John 1:48)

  24. (quote)
  25. 1407, ''(w)'', pages 40–41

  26. (quote)Filip of Repintoun whilis he was a chanoun of Leycetre, Nycol Herforde, dane Geffrey of Pikeringe, monke of Biland and a maistir dyuynyte, and Ioon Purueye, and manye other whiche weren holden rightwise men and prudent(..)
  27. ben (gl)

  28. (monikko) enm|bee||bee

  29. (past participle of)

  30. (alt form)

  31. bees