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attend englannista suomeksi

  1. käydä, olla läsnä, osallistua

  2. aiheutua jstak, seurata

  3. huolehtia

  4. seurata tarkasti, kuunnella, kiinnittää huomiota

  5. vastata jstak, pitää huolta

  1. huolehtia, pitää huolta">pitää huolta, hoitaa

  2. osallistua, olla läsnä">olla läsnä

  3. käydä

  4. Verbi

attend englanniksi

  1. To listen to (something or someone); to pay attention to; regard; heed. (defdate)

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  4. To listen ((m), (m)). (defdate)

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  6. 'Now attend to me,' said Painted Jaguar, 'because this is very important. (..)
  7. (senseid) To turn one's consideration ((m)); to deal with (a task, problem, concern etc.), to look after. (defdate)

  8. (ux)

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  10. To on|wait upon as a servant etc.; to accompany to assist (someone). (defdate)

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  14. (senseid) To be present at (an event or place) in order to take part in some action or proceedings; to regularly go to (an event or place). (defdate)

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  17. I attended a one-room school next door to the palace and studied English, Xhosa, history and geography.
  18. To go to (a place) for some purpose (with (m)).

  19. {{quote-web|en|author=Supreme Court of Canada|work=R. v. Côté|url=|year=2011|accessdate=2016-05-08

  20. (quote-web)

  21. To be present with; to accompany; to be united or consequent to.

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  23. What cares must then attend the toiling swain.
  24. (quote-book)| chapter=5| title=A Cuckoo in the Nest| passage=The most rapid and most seductive transition in all human nature is that which attends the palliation of a ravenous appetite. There is something humiliating about it.(..)Can those harmless but refined fellow-diners be the selfish cads whose gluttony and personal appearance so raised your contemptuous wrath on your arrival?

  25. To wait for; to await; to remain, abide, or be in store for.

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