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Richard englanniksi

  1. (given name).

  2. (RQ:Shakespeare Richard 3)

  3. 1629, Adams (clergyman)|Thomas Adams, ''Meditations upon Creed'', ''The Works of Thomas Adams, James Nichol (1862)'', volume 3, page 212:

  4. But we have known Williams and Richards, names not found in sacred story, but familiar to our country, prove as gracious saints as any ''Safe deliverance'', ''Fight the good fight of faith'', or such like,
  5. 1985, Wharton (author)|William Wharton, ''Pride'', (ISBN), page 97:

  6. I'd love to live in our castle. First I'd change my name from Dickie to Richard. That's my real name and it's a good king name. I don't like being called Dickie anyway, and I don't want to be Dick Junior either because everybody starts calling you Junior. What I'd like to be called is Rich but I don't know how to start people doing it.
  7. (surname).

  8. (ux)

  9. (given name)

  10. (surname).

  11. (given name), the usual modern form of (m).

  12. (given name), an English and French type variant of (m).