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rub englannista suomeksi

  1. hangata

  2. hinkata, hieroa

  3. hankaluus

  4. hankaus

  1. Substantiivi

  2. hankaus

  3. Verbi

  4. hieroa, hinkata

  5. hangata

  6. hiertää

  7. hieroa

  8. puunata, hangata

rub englanniksi

  1. An act of rubbing.

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  3. A difficulty or problem.

  4. (RQ:Shakespeare Hamlet)

  5. (RQ:Joyce Ulysses) the propriety of the cabman's shelter, as it was called, hardly a stonesthrow away near Butt bridge where they might hit upon some drinkables in the shape of a milk and soda or a mineral. But how to get there was the rub.

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  7. A quip or sarcastic remark.

  8. In the game of green bowls, any obstacle by which a bowl is diverted from its normal course.

  9. Any substance designed to be applied by rubbing.

  10. A mixture of spices applied to meat before it is barbecued.

  11. A loan.

  12. To move (one object) while maintaining contact with another object over some area, with pressure and friction.

  13. (quote-book)|passage=You ſhould rub your Teeth and whole Mouth and Gums, the Pallate and Tongue, with a clean courſe cloth, rubbing off the ſlime which groweth upon them in the night.|year=1680|author=T. K.|page=44|section=How to cleanſe the Teeth, and keep them ſound|pageurl=|url=

  14. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp) Walden rubbed his hands together and smiled contentedly.

  15. To be rubbed against something.

  16. To spread a substance thinly over; to smear.

  17. (RQ:Milton Paradise Lost) / New rubbed with balm.

  18. To move or pass with difficulty.

  19. To scour; to burnish; to polish; to brighten; to cleanse; often with ''up'' or ''over''.

  20. {{quote-text|en|year=a. 1716|author=Robert South|title=Man Created in God's Image

  21. To hinder; to cross; to thwart.

  22. (RQ:Shakespeare King Lear)

  23. To touch the jack with the bowl.

  24. back (gloss)

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  26. the other (often negative) aspect of a situation

  27. (inflection of)

  28. rub

  29. to rub

  30. rim

  31. edge, brink

  32. rib