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rim englannista suomeksi

  1. vanne

  2. reunustaa

  3. pyöriä reunalla

  4. reunus

  5. korirengas

  6. laita

  7. rengas

  1. reuna, reunus

  2. vanne

  3. reunustaa

  4. kiertää, kiertyä

  5. nuolla peräaukkoa">nuolla peräaukkoa standard/formal, rimmata slang

  6. Substantiivi

rim englanniksi

  1. An edge around something, especially when circular.

  2. A wheelrim.

  3. 2010, Rochelle Magee, ''No Witnesses: A Perilous Journey'' (page 36)

  4. About an hour later, she noticed an all black Phantom with tints and chrome rims riding slowly through the car lot.
  5. A semicircular copydesk.

  6. 2004, John Russial, ''Strategic Copy Editing'' (page 130)

  7. A copy chief with poor people skills makes life miserable for copy editors on the rim; (..)
  8. 2009, Gaylon Eugene Murray, ''Effective Editing'' (page 7)

  9. On the rim are copy editors who edit stories for accuracy, brevity and clarity.
  10. To form a rim on.

  11. To follow the contours, possibly creating a circuit.

  12. (ux)

  13. To roll around a rim.

  14. A membrane.

  15. The membrane enclosing the intestines; the peritoneum, hence loosely, the intestines; the lower part of the abdomen; belly.

  16. {{quote-book|en|year=1599|author=Shakespeare|title=King Henry V|chapter=Act IV, scene IV - Pistol to a captured French soldier from whom he wants a ransom and whom he does not understand

  17. To lick the anus of a partner as a sexual act.

  18. 2008, Lexy Harper, ''Bedtime Erotica for Freaks (Like Me)'', page 216

  19. When she started thrusting her hips back against his finger, he turned her over and rimmed her asshole as he fingered her clit.
  20. verse

  21. (syn)

  22. rhyme

  23. hoarfrost, rime

  24. (imperative of)

  25. (l), a bundle, package, or quantity of paper, nowadays usually containing 500 sheets.

  26. (l) (l).

  27. smell

  28. odour

  29. hard

  30. spear, lance, javelin

  31. unit of measure the length of a spear

  32. a (l)

  33. (l) (q)

  34. number

  35. kidney

  36. of the back

  37. frost, hoarfrost

  38. story, poem, saga

  39. rumour

  40. full