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romp englannista suomeksi

  1. telmiminen, peuhaaminen

  2. voittaa helposti

  3. ilotella, telmiä

  4. temmeltää

  5. poikatyttö

  6. murskavoitto

  1. Verbi

  2. peuhata, temmeltää, riehua

  3. Substantiivi

  4. peuhaaminen, peuhu, temmellys

romp englanniksi

  1. To play about roughly, energetically or boisterously.

  2. ''When the kids're allowed to romp in the bedroom, they break something.''

  3. (Often used with ''down'') To press forcefully, to encourage vehemently, to oppress.

  4. ''If I romp down on the gas, it'll do sixty in six seconds.''

  5. ''Coach Smith had to romp on 'em to get 'em out of a losing streak.''

  6. To win easily.

  7. ''England romped to an easy win over Australia.''

  8. 2014, Doyle (journalist)|Paul Doyle, "Southampton hammer eight past hapless Sunderland in barmy encounter", ''The Guardian'', 18 October 2014:

  9. Ronald Koeman collected that prize in the run-up to this game, and then watched his team romp to their biggest victory for nearly a century, inflicting a defeat that Sunderland will struggle to forget.
  10. (q) To move with little effort relatively quickly.

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  13. To engage in playful or boisterous sex.

  14. Someone who romps; especially, a girl or young woman who indulges in boisterous play; a tomboy. (defdate)

  15. (RQ:Wollstonecraft Vindication)

  16. A period of boisterous play, a frolic; now especially, a bout of sexual activity, especially when illicit. (defdate)

  17. ''Sex romp at Windsor castle'' (headline in Sun (newspaper)|The Sun)

  18. An enjoyable, fast-paced but essentially inconsequential film, play, or other piece of entertainment. (defdate)

  19. A decisive victory; a game, match etc. which is won easily. (defdate)

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  24. to break