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  1. voitto

  1. voitto

  2. voitto kotiin">voitto kotiin encouragement

victory englanniksi

  1. The condition or state of having won a battle or competition, or having succeeded in an effort; an instance of this.

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  10. (RQ:Pepys Diary) Down to the office, and there wrote letters to and again about this good newes of our victory, and so by water home late.

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  13. (RQ:Defoe Crusoe 2) I thought he vvas not a Monarch only, but a great Conqueror; for that he that has got a Victory over his ovvn exorbitant Deſires, and has the abſolute Dominion over himſelf, vvhose Reaſon entirely governs his VVill, is certainly greater than he that conquers a City.

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  15. (RQ:Gibbon Roman Empire)'s&93; conſtant theme, that national vice and ruin are inſeparably connected; that victory is the fruit of moral as vvell as military virtue; and that the prince, and even the people, are reſponſible for the crimes vvhich they neglect to puniſh.

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  21. (quote-web)|archiveurl=|date=12 November 2011|passage=England will not be catapulted among the favourites for Euro 2012 as a result of this win, but no victory against Spain is earned easily and it is right they take great heart from their efforts as they now prepare to play national football team|Sweden at Wembley on Tuesday.

  22. (alternative case form of) the Roman goddess of victory, the counterpart of the Greek goddess Nike; also , an artistic depiction of her, chiefly as a winged woman

  23. (RQ:Thackeray Napoleon) statues of plaster representing nymphs, triumphs, victories, and other female personages painted in oil so as to represent marble; real marble could have had no better effect, and the appearance of the whole was lively and picturesque in the extreme.

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  28. To defeat or triumph over (someone or something).

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